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From time to time, our readers reach out to us with design questions. And we can’t tell you enough how flattered we are when we receive your emails!

Today’s design conundrum is from Candace. She writes:

I love your site and look at it often for ideas.

Here’s my problem.  I do not have much decorating sense and am trying to put together a gender neutral nursery that we will add to after baby is here.  I have a dark walnut stained crib and have the green elephant bedding that is shown in Ean’s Modern Nursery (May 30th). I am planning to paint the walls green or at least one accent wall, but am hoping to find a soothing green that will complement as opposed to a green that is bright.

I also am hoping to update a 3-drawer dresser that was in my husband’s house as he was growing up.  It has some character and is currently stained a yellowish color.  I would like to paint it so I don’t have to sand  it completely, but am wondering what color to go with.  I am not sure that I want to do white, but don’t necessarily feel I need to match the crib either.  Any suggestions?

Thank you so much,

Picking a paint color for your nursery is always the hardest part, in my opinion. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in there and you need a color that is going to make you feel comfortable.

I’ve selected three different greens that would be perfect for an accent wall in Candace’s nursery. She mentions that she is looking for a green that’s soothing but not bright and I think all three of these fit the bill.

  1. Marsh Fern 420D-4 by Behr.
  2. Hidden Meadow 410B-5 by Behr.
  3. Bamboo Leaf 410B-7 by Behr.

As for painting the dresser, go bold! When you have multiple pieces of furniture that don’t match, don’t waste your time trying to make them match. Embrace the mismatch and make it work for you!

I found these three colorful dressers for some inspiration.

  1. Paint the exterior of the dresser white and paint the front of the dresser drawers blue. The color blue is not just for boys anymore! It’s soothing and it goes well with most colors. The dresser pictured here was a DIY project over at A Blog of Inspiration by Tanya Wood.
  2. I love the lacquered finish of this dresser! This piece has a mirror finish and an extremely hard clear coat that makes it practical for every day use. A bold green, a bright blue or a muted yellow would be excellent color choices for this paint job.
  3. Paint your dresser brown and add a splash of color on the faces of the drawers. You could also choose to cover the faces of the drawers with decorative paper and some Mod Podge {Take a look at this tutorial. It’s not for a dresser but it will give you a basic idea of what you need to do}.

Hopefully Candace will find these tips helpful!

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