DIY: How to make a pregnancy & delivery keepsake

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I keep tons of ‘mementos’ from important events during my life in hopes that I will one day have the time and patience to sit down and organize or scrapbook all of them.

So naturally, from the moment I found out I was pregnant I started collecting items for my baby. I took pictures of my pregnancy test. I filed all of my sonograms {yes, filed!}. And I even kept a locket of hair from my baby’s first haircut. And now they all live in a box…

But now you can display all of those memories with pride!


I recently found a tutorial on Wondertime detailing how to make a gorgeous keepsake of all your goodies, from the smallest to the bulkiest, without having to be as crafty as Martha Stewart!

The essential materials are: a clipboard, paint and some memories!

If any of you make a Pregnancy Keepsake, please email us some pictures. We’d love to see your creations.


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