Taste the Rainbow | Unique Rainbow Birthday Party

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Remember the darling Little Man Mustache First Birthday Bash we featured a few weeks ago? Well, that little boy has a big sister and she just turned 4 and mommy Shana, of Belva June, put together this amazing Rainbow Birthday Party!

Party details are available on Shana’s blog, Belva June. And the party printables, also designed by Shana, are available here.

Need more eye candy to get your rainbow fix? Check out this rainbow party inspiration board or these handmade rainbow finds for baby.


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About Nicole @ Chic & Cheap Nursery

Nicole is the founder/editor of ChicCheapNursery.com and mom of a 4-year old princess. She has a B.A. in Architecture and a passion for design—nursery design to be precise!
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  1. LOVE IT!! there is nothing better than a rainbow party. I love the table with candy down the center.

  2. I’m all about the rainbow parties. This one is really cute.

  3. LOVE this! I have 2 babies whose birthday’s are days apart. A rainbow party would definitely work for a 2-1 birthday!

  4. Next month! I can’t believe it!

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  1. [...] I have the fever. Little H is but a mere 5 months old, and I am already scouring the internet for ideas on redecorating his room – a million times over! Will it be robots, earth & sky (can’t you just imagine these fluffy clouds hanging above his crib!?) or perhaps the very popular “rainbow” theme? [...]

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