Fun at the Circus: A Carnival-Inspired Nursery

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Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! For many people, the circus = clowns. Well, not for me! The truth is, I don’t like clowns at all because they kinda freak me out. But I do love a good-old-fashioned carnival circus! Something like Coney Island in the 1950’s — with a Ferris wheel, lots of color and dogs performing circus tricks. Check out this whimsical nursery board inspired by the whimsical and magical feeling of having fun at the circus!

1. Fabric Pennant Banner in Red & White – Carnival ($28) by mkmathews from Etsy
Red and white stripes scream “Carnival Circus” if you ask me! And this fabric banner was the first thing I looked for when I came up with the idea of a circus-themed nursery.

2. Wooden Lighted Hanging Chandelier ($70) by Twelve Timbers from Toys R’ Us
An ornate wooden chandelier hanging from the ceiling adds drama to the this space — the good kind, not mama drama!

3. Hot Air Balloons and Clouds – 3D Paper Wall Art ($30) by Gosh and Golly from Etsy
I’m completely obsessed with hot air balloons. Seriously, I am. These 3D hot air balloons add a whimsical touch to the entire theme. And they’re just sooo pretty!

4. Jenny Lind-Style Crib ($170) from DaVinci

5. Circus Dog Pillow, 20 x 20, Applique ($88) and Large Circus Elephant Pillow, Applique ($88) by Anna Joyce from Etsy
I splurged a little on these pillows but I think they are the perfect accent pieces for this room!

6. Rainbow Rag Rug ($69) from Urban Outfitters

7. Marquee Alphabet Light – Multi ($179) from Urban Outfitters
This funky alphabet light reminds me of the signs at the circus or carnival. It’s a fun and unique way to personalize baby’s room.

8. Ferris Wheel – Vinyl Wall Art Decal ($95) by Vinyl Wall Accents from Etsy
Wouldn’t it be neat to have an enormous ferris wheel decal as a focal point in the nursery? I would probably order this in red and paint the walls in a pale blue — something like the background color of #3.

9. Tiffany Blue Antique Dresser (Sold) by French Silver from Etsy
Even though this dresser has already been sold, I included it because I love the shape! Take it as a point of reference and try to find a dresser with similar french curves at your local antique and thrift shops.

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  1. I love this combo! So fun! What wall color would you suggest?

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