The Look For Less: DwellStudio Owls Nursery

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Designer nursery collections —like those offered by Serena & Lily and DwellStudio— are coveted by many mamas-to-be but the hefty price tag on some of these items can burst mama’s dream nursery bubble in a flash!

But you can still put together a nursery that looks right out of a catalog or magazine by cutting costs in the right places. Take for example, the ever-popular Owls collection from DwellStudio.

  • The first place I cut costs when it comes to nursery design is crib bedding. I’ve always thought it’s a complete waste of money. And thanks to new sleep guidelines, you’ll probably be more inclined to listen to me when I say, JUST GO WITH A CRIB SHEET! You can save $320 by choosing the Owls Crib Sheet ($40) instead of the Owls Sky Crib Bedding Set from DwellStudio ($360).
  • Wallpaper can be expensive. But you can buy the minimum 8 sq ft of the Owls Wallpaper (which comes out to about $48) and cut and frame the pieces to create designer wall art for a minimal cost — an 8 ft wide wall, that’s 10 ft high would cost almost $500 to wallpaper. Eek!
  • Get creative! Place a DwellStudio Tree Decal (starting at $50) and decorate it with some adorable Owl Picture Frames ($40 each). You can use velcro to securely fasten them to the wall.
  • Splurge on a few Owl Storage Bins ($50 for small bin, $90 for large bin).
  • Forget the Owl and Tree Wool Rug ($550) and opt for a long striped brown and cream rug ($150) also from DwellStudio.
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