DIY: How to Make a Crayon Monogram

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How adorable is this crayon monogram? Perfect to gift to a special teacher but also a really fun idea for a nursery, child’s room or play room.

It’s a very simple DIY project.

Print your letter out on a scrap piece of paper.
Arrange crayons over letter.
Cut crayons individually to length using a sharp knife and cutting board.*
Glue crayon pieces together using a glue gun.
Then glue the crayon letter to a nice piece of stiff paper.

*diy tip: When you’re making the straight cuts it helps to roll the crayon under your knife to score it all the way around, then it just snaps in the center leaving a cleaner cut. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the slanted cuts.

Is this project something you’ll be trying? Leave a comment and let me know =)

image source – pinterest from Nesting Sticks
{Big thanks to Ashley from Nesting Sticks for sharing her DIY on pinterest and allowing me to share it here}


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About Nicole @ Chic & Cheap Nursery

Nicole is the founder/editor of and mom of a 6-year-old princess. She has a B.A. in Architecture and a passion for design—nursery design to be precise!


  1. This Idea is AMAZING.. Going to make it for my son’s 2 pre-k teachers.. What count crayon was used and also anyone know where to get CHEAP crayons?

  2. Tamara McElroy says:

    I’m totally making this for my daughter’s teacher! Such an inexpensive yet cute and personal gift for her teacher! Love and thank you Pinterest for helping me find you :)

  3. Love this! I just made 3 for my little girl’s Teachers! Much harder than I thought but they came out great!!!!

  4. I LOVE this idea! I am going to be making this for my kids’ teachers. Such a fun and easy idea!

  5. What kind of frame do I need? Anything without the glass? I really want to make a couple of these but I only have a Walmart available to me (no craft store). So any extra tips would really be great!

  6. Shane winters says:

    I am a mother of 8. 5 in school. With a total of 2 principals and 16 teachers!! This is what I’m gonna do!!!!!

  7. Made this for my daughters teacher!!!! It turned out perfect and I can’t wait to give it to her :) THANK YOU!

  8. Keri Grayson says:

    I am a teacher, and I just received one of these as a Christmas gift, and I LOVE IT! It is SUPER CUTE, plus, knowing that my student made this (with the help of his Mom) means the world to me!!!

  9. what font is this done in? I’ve tried a few, but can’t find one I like as much as this. Mine all seem to narrow.

  10. Crayola Crayons are really the cheapest route…. 20 cents a box at the beginning of the year?? thats cheaper than the “cheap” ones… i always buy 10-20 boxes anyways- cant stand the off brand… personally. so- when ur buyin supplies- think ahead and pick up enough to do this or any other crayon projects !! :)

  11. This is so cute! What a wonderful and frugal idea!

  12. One of my students just gave me one for Christmas. I love it. My 7 yr old daughter loved it so much, she is making one for her cousin and teacher.

  13. I love this idea, very cute for a nursery and with my family and the many new additions coming next year I need some variety in the presents I pick out…

  14. I am making this for my daughter’s kindergarten teacher for Christmas right now. Thanks for the great idea! You are so talented!!!

  15. I know u used Baskerville font but what size?

  16. I am making this for my son’s kindergarten teacher….fun and easy, can’t wait to see it framed! Thanks for the great, original idea! =D

  17. How did you do the wording? was it a stamp? where can I purchase this?
    Waht size is the frame that you used?

  18. My mom is a teacher and her birthday is coming up so I will be making her this soon. Such a cute idea. i love it!

  19. I made this for my daughter’s teacher for Christmas! I forgot to come back and link the picture! It’s on Facebook a link to the direct picture or if that doesn’t work then it’s the last picture of this album.

    Thanks for the idea! It was fun to do and looked very cool!

  20. This is awesome I will defiantly be trying this

  21. Great idea! How did you cut the crayons so perfectly, especially on that angle?

  22. I will be doing this as end of the year gifts for my kiddos teachers.

  23. Where did you get the lettering on the bottom?

  24. Thought I would try this at the end of the school year

  25. After you make the letter, take your blow-dryer to it will cause the crayons to melt causing a very coo dripping paint effect!

  26. I’m not a DIY girl- but I LOVE this! Who wants to make me a P and an F…as perfect as this P is?

  27. I am wondering with an ‘L’ would I use the crayons horizontally or vertical to make the bottom line?? =/

  28. Love this idea!

  29. This is such a great idea! I would like to make it in an ‘S’. Any suggestions?

  30. I’m going to try it but yours has such clean cuts.
    What a cute Idea-thanks for sharing

  31. Thanks for sharing this great idea! I just finished one for my son’s teacher; her birthday is day after tomorrow. I know she’ll love it. If a student/family had made this for me, I would have been over the moon.

  32. thanks

  33. Thank you so much for sharing. I got it from Pinterst. I made an “E” for my child’s PreK 4 teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day. His teacher was so touched & said she has never received such a wonderful gift & has been teaching for over 30 years. Thanks for showing how to make one.

  34. I wonder if it would help to heat a knife up when cutting the crayons. I’m gonna give it a try.

  35. I will definatly be trying this. I love monograms and this will be the perfect gift for my nephew.

  36. What did you use to make “is for Mrs…”

  37. I have seen this elsewhere….it was done in a shadow box- which is much more expensive than a regular frame- and with paper peeled broken crayons. I like both ways…broken crayons aren’t good for much else, but this has a nicer look w/ the papers on!

  38. What size font did you use for this

  39. Definately trying this one! It looks easy and lots of fun.

  40. BRANDY RICE says:


  41. Hello. Love the idea. I pinned this months ago knowing I wanted to do it for Teacher Appreciation. Thanks for the great idea and steps. Now to find the time to make it!

  42. Suggestions of how to do the crayon monogram for the letter W?

  43. Hi, is there a link to print out the large letters? Thanks

  44. Help me with the letter S please

  45. can you help me with the letter k please?

  46. Michelle says:

    Please help me withthe letter S and J! I am on a short time frame and would love to do this!

  47. How do you get the print outs? And how about the letter T?

    • @Donna,
      Did you ever design a T? I want to do this for my preschool teacher/co-worker before school is out. (procrastination always gets the best of me!)

  48. jennifer says:

    To get my letter I opened up a word document, did a Times New Roman letter H, put it on 72 then increased the font using the increase font sign or either by holding the ctrl key then pressing shift > and it will increase, just keep going to the size you want. I stopped at 740 which is 7 inches wide by 6 3/4 inches long. Hope that helps.

  49. Melissa G says:

    Made this for my sons Kindergarten teacher. And will probably make one for each of my kids. I LOVE this project! Thank you for sharing!! ;}

  50. Cool project! I am waiting for the glue gun to heat up right now. The stencil is traced, the crayons are cut & I can already tell it is going to look great! Thanks for sharing!


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