Save vs Splurge: Art Easels For Kids

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Let’s get creative! Kids love to express their creativity through drawing, painting and coloring. They love to mix colors, draw shapes and practice writing the letters of the alphabet they’ve learned in school or with mom. Give your kiddo an art surface of their own with a double-sided art easel!

Save: Choose Ikea’s Mala Easel ($15) for a super affordable — and double-sided! — alternative that folds flat for storage when not in use. The birch frame matches with any decor style or color scheme in your child’s room or playroom! Mala Chalk ($2, for box for 24) and Mala Paper Roll ($5) sold separately.

Splurge: P’kolino’s new Little One’s Art Easel ($80) has a chalkboard on one side and whiteboard on the other — perfect for two little artists to create together. Paper roll and chalk included.


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About Nicole @ Chic & Cheap Nursery

Nicole is the founder/editor of and mom of a 6-year-old princess. She has a B.A. in Architecture and a passion for design—nursery design to be precise!


  1. The Ikea easel is 9.99 for Black Friday tomorrow and it also has a white board on the opposite side.

  2. Oooh love these! I have 2 nieces who are totally into drawing and these would make perfect gifts! :)

  3. I bought Ikea’s Mala Easel and I’m super satisfied!

  4. I love the design. My niece birthday is fast approaching. This is nice for a gift since she loves painting.

  5. thanks for posting this, very tielmy for me actually Maria as I just got a Blog Troll comment from someone without the balls to leave their email addy…I just skimmed the article but will go and get a cup of tea and read it properly…keep up the blogging, and when you get a Blog Troll hit your blog…go click DELETESarahxxxxx

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