How to Plan a Dinosaur Birthday Party

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by Melissa of Table for Two and a Half

Decorating my son’s nursery before he was born was potentially the one — and only! — thing that kept me sane. Too nauseous to eat? I’ll just browse Etsy instead. Round ligament pain that could make a grown man cry? Where did I put that Mod Podge? It was therapeutic and inspiring. 

The only thing better than spending 48 hours debating the perfect fabric for a pillow he’ll never use? Being able to look the little bugger in the eye and plan his birthday party.

My Little Man turns 2 in a few weeks (hold me), and he has declared that he wants a dinosaur party. Who am I to object? Especially when so many creative parents and event planners have delivered some inspiration and made my fear of pulling this off extinct.

1. Yes, I’m starting with food (you’ll quickly learn this is how I operate). With a sister-in-law who is a pastry chef, I have this strange need to churn out a cake that is just a few steps up from the Betty Crocker box. And this adorable little dinosaur cake seems actually doable.

2. Some restaurants require advance ordering for their gourmet molten lava cakes, but these actually sound much simpler, plus how can you deny the unexpected but oh-so-on theme tie-in!?

3. I’ve taken to labeling all foods at parties I throw since,  a) I know I’m a tad adventurous and don’t want to turn off anyone with an unexpected mouthful and, b) it’s another fun thing to create. Herbivore, omnivore and carnivore signs over salads, casseroles and burgers bring standard foods to a new level.

4. One kiddo stomping around the house yelling “Roar!” is pretty cute. A stampede of T-Rexes sporting brightly colored tails cutting through the kitchen? Priceless.

5. I’m a firm believer in party favors, and while I love giving out non-food goodies (especially for kids who I’m sure have enough sugar in their system), it’s hard to not love the easiness of this option. Plus, how gorgeous is that bag?

6. Dinosaurs automatically conjure up a scheme of greens, tans and maybe blue, but why can’t little cave gals get in on the fun? This sweet party set has all the expected dino power with a bit of girlie sass.

Party Frosting | 
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About Nicole @ Chic & Cheap Nursery

Nicole is the founder/editor of and mom of a 6-year-old princess. She has a B.A. in Architecture and a passion for design—nursery design to be precise!


  1. Wow those lava cakes are AWESOME!

  2. I LOVE dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are my FAVORITE. I used to play dinosaurs out in my dad’s pristinely groomed garden (until they drowned in the mud and were washed down the hill in a mini-mud slide- hello southern california), I took that same dad to Jurassic Park the DAY it came out, even though I was so scared I made him leave with me at the “they’re flocking this way” part with the Gallamimuses (sp?) In college I took an “Age of Dinosaurs” class for a science requirement and could not have been more stoked. I also got an A.

    This party is for me dude. “Kiddie Parties” what are you talking about?! We’re going to do this at my happy happy Emily is turning 25 for the 8th time party!

  3. Where do I get this stuff? My 2 year old is all about t-rex at the moment and I would love to her those tails for her birthday next month!

  4. We had a fun little dino party last year – We found the dinosaur hats at Dollar Tree.

  5. Where can i buy the number 6 setup? Or can you guide me through hoe to make it?

  6. Rachel Lim-Fong says:

    wow this is amazing! will be so grateful if i may have the recipe for the doable dinosaur cake and the molten lava cupcakes :) my boy is turning 1 this april and will love to bake these for his party :) thanks so much! with love from singapore :)

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