A Yellow and Gray Nest {Reader Nursery Submission}

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Julianne Craig is a new mom and the incredibly talented event planner and owner of A Modern Proposal. When I saw the progress on her nursery design project, I jumped at the chance to share the end result with you. And I was incredibly honored when she accepted my request to showcase her nursery here.

And like many nurseries we’ve featured recently, fabric plays a major role in this room as well.

With a yellow and gray color palette, this room is modern, delicate, organized and incredibly affordable!

Nursery details.-

Crib: Ikea – Gulliver
Change table: Ikea – Expedite cube (with drawers)
Curtains: Jysk
Chair: Classifieds (Kijiji)
Side table: Ikea (bought it off Kijiji)
Artwork: Etsy - A-Z poster + Parrot; Numbers; You Are my Sunshine; Rest were DIY
Wall Vinyl: Etsy – Designed Designer
Bedding: Etsy- Cottage Belles (Not Shown Yet)
Side Table: Ikea
Lamp: Home Outfitters
White throw: Ikea

images courtesy of www.shandrophoto.com


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About Nicole @ Chic & Cheap Nursery

Nicole is the founder/editor of ChicCheapNursery.com and mom of a 6-year-old princess. She has a B.A. in Architecture and a passion for design—nursery design to be precise!


  1. This is very similar to what I want to do with my baby’s room, except that I want to use green (for a boy) or purple (for a girl) as the accent color where she has the turquoise! Thanks for sharing! This makes it easier for me to share my idea with my husband!


  2. I’m so happy to see our prints featured here, Julianne’s nursery looks fantastic!

  3. LOVE the nursery!!!
    And just had to say, my Grandmother had that chair…we would spin and spin on it until we were sick :) Wish I still had it!

  4. Jen Crowe says:

    LOVE the alphabet and parrot, etc prints. I have purchased from this particular Etsy vendor before (SeaUrchin Studio) and the design quality and paper are superior. I love the alphabet posters for baby gifts and the individual letter/prints for decorating my child’s room. Nice to spell out their names over their bad, crib or desk with their favorite animals. ;)

  5. I’d LOVE to know what fabric is covering the pillows in the green chair? That mod print is awesome! If she bought those pillows instead, I’d like to know where…Thanks!

  6. Hello, I like your idea of using the Ikea Expedit shelving unit as a change table. Now that you’re using it, how do you like this set up? Did you somehow secure the change pad to the Expedit or is it stable enough just resting on top? Thank you!

    • Hi Sandy! The Expedit is a popular choice for many new moms these days. Here’s another featured nursery using the Expedit as a changing table: http://bit.ly/eRhOTT
      Most changing pads have a strap that can be screwed into the back of the Expedit to secure the pad in place.

  7. Do you by any chance know the color of the tree trunk on the crib decal? It doesn’t look brown to me…. looks either black or dark grey. Do you happen to know?

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