Childish and Serene Nursery {Featured Real Room}

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Jessica Flannigan is a freelance writer, blogger and public relations professional in Minneapolis. She’s also expecting her first child, a baby boy! Jessica and her husband wanted a room that was peaceful and serene, filled with inspiration and color. Mission Accomplished!

Child’s Name: It’s a secret. {due April 23, 2011}

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

What was your inspiration for the room?

We knew the moment we found out we were expecting our baby boy that our nursery would be modern, clean and minimal with neutral walls and lots of splashes of color throughout. I found a lot of inspiration on blogs with modern nurseries including Chic Cheap Nursery and Buy Modern Baby Blog.

Describe your decorating style.

Our decorating style is definitely clean, modern and bright. I despise clutter and wanted our baby’s room to be peaceful and clean with modern lines, but still filled with light and color. Because the room was small, the white really helped to keep things bright. You can see before photos on my blog. We had to completely redo the baseboards and closet doors to brighten it up.

Which are your favorite items in the room?

My favorite item is definitely the paper lantern cluster. I call it his mobile even though it isn’t a mobile at all. I designed it so that his view is just as good as the view from the door and rocking chair when he is getting changed. To me, this piece adds “wow” and interest to the room. I’m hoping our little guy enjoys it as much as we do.

I also LOVE the art and the bedding. The bedding really helped us to focus our color scheme. I love color, but definitely wanted the room to be understated-not over-the-top with too many colors. The bedding was custom made by Nursery Dreams on Etsy. We had a great experience ordering bedding and it exceeded our expectations.

We had the city art custom designed on Etsy by Lisa Barbero. Lisa took a few photos of our hometowns and designed all of these just for us. We love that this art will show our son a few of the important places in the world to us very early on. My husband’s parents are from Kandy, Sri Lanka. My husband grew up in Austin, Texas. I grew up in a tiny rural Minnesota town called Benson and we now live and LOVE Minneapolis, so those four prints seemed right.

And, the bookshelf made by my colleagues adds the most interest and color. At the shower, each of the guests brought us a book. Our baby now has 52 books on the shelf and it really draws you in. Every child that walks in the room is immediately drawn to the books. I had my girlfriend over and her 1 year old went right at it and even my 5-year-old cousin got excited to see so many books in one place. It was truly special and I am so excited to read all of these books to our little man.

Any advice you’d like to share?

I know it’s not a new concept, but shop Etsy! We found all of our artwork on Etsy and lots of inspiration there as well. Every single seller we worked with was incredible! Don’t be afraid to ask for custom items or tweaks to things they have posted. We were able to get exactly what we wanted from each artist very quickly without paying much extra by simply asking.

I would also recommend starting early, especially when shopping for rockers/gliders. We ended up with an Ikea one that we like, but it’s not exactly what we had in mind. We originally planned to get a fancy modern glider, but after sitting in many of them, we found them to be too uncomfortable for the price. I just learned that Babyletto has a few glider options now, so would’ve loved to try one out as the price is much more manageable when you are going for a budget nursery.

Nursery Decorating Resources

We set a budget almost right away and we were able to stay under it thanks to a couple of sales and a few compromises. ended up saving us a lot of money. Things are often on sale there and you don’t pay tax or shipping, so it is a great way to get what you want. Our Ikea chair was a major savings from our budgeted amount for a rocker/glider and we are really happy with its comfort. It’s a great chair and the price is right.

Paint: Martha Stewart Flagstone

Diaper Bag: Messenger Bag from Fossil

Kandy, Austin, Minneapolis and Benson prints – Lisa Barbero on Etsy.
ABC’s name print – Apple Blossom Prints on Etsy.
You are getting very sleepy print – Sycamore Street Press on Etsy.

Custom bedding and changing table pad cover by Nursery Dreams on Etsy-$279

Crib {$399} and changing table {$389} – Modo by Babyletto (check out this alternative for a few $100s in savings)
Chair-Poang chair by Ikea with white cover-$169
White bookshelf created by my colleagues as part of a book-themed baby shower!
Side table – Mimic Cube by Crate and Barrel-$79.99

Drum light fixture from Lowe’s {$59.99}
Hanging white wall shelf from Target {$26.99}
Mini green suitcases by Land of Nod {$19.95 per set}
Ugly Doll at Pacifier Stores in Minneapolis {$15}
Curtains from Target {$18.99 per set}
Faux white wood blinds by Home Depot {$29.99}
Closet door hardware-small zinnia knob in aqua by Anthropologie {$6 each}
Lime green organizing bin from Target {$12.99}
White mirror from Target {$26}
Lamp-Home Goods {not available online}
Hanging paper lanterns: Martha Stewart lanterns and star and white lanterns from The Paper Lantern Store {$26 total including ceiling hooks and fishing line}

image source: {jessica flannigan}


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About Nicole @ Chic & Cheap Nursery

Nicole is the founder/editor of and mom of a 6-year-old princess. She has a B.A. in Architecture and a passion for design—nursery design to be precise!


  1. i love this. gray is such a popular color for nurseries lately! we’ve just painted my son’s room a warm gray… still haven’t figured out what our color palette is going to be, but that’s the fun part. :)

    • @leaves of my tree, Gray is all the rage these days and I love it! I’m planning to paint my daughter’s room gray really soon :)
      As for color inspiration, did you see this post {} last week? It’s sure to inspire.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! My fav part is definitely the paper lanterns and the bookshelf – great job!

  3. Who is the diaper bag by? Love it!

  4. Hi Candace! The diaper bag is actually just a messenger bag from Fossil. We love it and it’s definitely large enough to fit all of our baby stuff. :)

  5. Jodi mama/ gma says:

    I love today’s blog!!! The babies room is absolutley beautiful!!! I too love the color scheme in the babies room! I look forward to more blogs and the baby coming! Thanks again for sharing!

  6. I LOVE THIS ROOM!! Our little boy is arriving in June and we just painted the room. I am so inspired by the mobiles and can’t wait for my husband to get home so I can show him and order that same cluster.
    Your baby is going to love his room =)

    • @Mali, Thanks so much Mali! You should definitely do the lantern cluster. So easy, inexpensive and really pops! Can’t wait to see your nursery!

      • Hi Jessica
        Your nursery is very well put together. However, I particularly like the lantern cluster. Can you tell me how to create the cluster.

      • I also fell in love with the paper lantern cluster. I have purchased the paper lanterns in red and yellow for my new son’s room. Can you PLEASE share a few tips or helpful hints on how to assemble this cluster well from the ceiling? Thank you!

  7. Gray is so chic & lovely! I love how Jessica tied in just the right amount of bright colors! GREAT ROOM!

  8. What an absolutely precious nursery. It’s so cheery and sweet and just so stinking adorable! Love how inspired I get from such fabulous nurseries.

  9. this room is perfect! it feels so light and fresh and will grow with your new little guy – without needing a makeover. congratulations on your soon to be growing family! :)

  10. Who is the designer of this lovely fabric or what is the name of it?

  11. fyi: i linked to this post in my recent blog post:

    nicole – thanks for sharing this beautiful room!

  12. Kristal says:

    How did you hang the lantern cluster? I tried using small hooks but they won’t stay in my ceiling. Any suggestions?

  13. Did your Ikea store offer the Poang rocker in the dark finish, or did you paint it? Online it’s only available in a light wood finish, but I prefer the dark!

    • @Shaina,

      Shaina-We were just at IKEA today and bought the Poang rocker. The Poang ROCKER does only come in birch (the lighter wood). The Poang CHAIRS (which is in the picture) come in 4 or 5 different finishes. We plan on just repainting the rocker white.

      Jessica-Can you share where you purchased the paper lanterns? I found them on Amazon, but would like to buy locally if possible! Love the nursery!

      • @Kristan, @Kristan,

        Thank you so much! I didn’t even realize that the chair in the picture was the chair and not the rocker! Hopefully the birch will be easy to repaint! I’m really looking forward to getting the chair in the nursery.

      • @Kristan, Yes! The poang chair comes in several finishes but I don’t think it will be too hard to refinish the poang rocker. The paper lanterns were purchased online. But you might want to check your local crafting store. They might carry them.

  14. Beautiful room! Can I ask the name of the gray paint on the walls?

  15. Can you please provide instructions, including the materials needed, to make the book shelf? My wife loves it and I would score major brownie points if I built that for her.

    Thank you, JR

  16. I too would love to know the name of the paint color! thanks great room!! ps. I just finished the shelf from Ana White its sooo easy to make and cost 15$!!!

  17. Im just blown away by this nursery! You can tell that this baby is so loved already. Im doing my nursery now and hope to incorporate some of your ideas! Thanks for tip on hanging the paper lanterns, I hung mine last night with tape and they fell within an hour.
    Great job! Your baby is going to love it!

  18. Where is your diaper bag from?? Its awesome!

  19. Jessica,

    PLEASE tell me how you clustered the lanterns. Did you hang the lanterns one-by-one, or did you cluster a bunch together and then hang it on one line? Did you start with the “lower” one’s first and then make your way to the “higher” one’s? Any explanation/direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  20. Michelle says:

    Just fell in love with this room!!! We are expecting our first, a boy, in October. Couldn’t decide on a color until I saw your pictures. I have commissioned family to build me the book shelf, too cool, & have to try the paper lanterns. Just wanted to say thanks for the great ideas!!!

  21. Love love love this nursery. For all those who’s husbands are not handy, that bookshelf is identical to this one from Pottery Barn:|book%2Bshelf|11|best|0|1|24||3&cm_src=NLASEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-

  22. Ana Paula says:

    Hello !!1 I love this room I want it for my baby, but I cant found the paper lantern cluster, that you have in color green and blue with diferent texture that the white ones. can you please give me the store or where I can found it

  23. What a GORGEOUS room…the lanterns are lovely…it gives me an idea to put some globes together in my 4 year old’s room :) Best of luck with baby!

  24. Hi,
    LOVE LOVE your nursery.
    I am trying to organize a paper lantern set for my LO on the way. Can you please tell me what and how many sizes you used?? I am not sure if your large ones are 12′ or 14’? Thanks a bunch.

    • @Lana, There are 4 different sizes. The large blue one is 14″. The large green one is 12″. Then there’s the small blue and green lanterns and the white one. Not sure what size those are. Hope that helps!

  25. What an amazing job you did. I love the colors and the fabric choices…
    A D O R A B L E!

  26. My husband and I are about to re-create your paper lantern cluster. ANY tips you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Like…how many hooks did you use and what kind specifically? And are all the lanterns attached together or just hung closely? If attached, what did you use to attach them? Thanks!!!

  27. Love the room and love the lantern cluster! Linked back in post, will also be your newest follower on pinterest!

  28. love this nursery! can’t find the paper lanterns online.. can you post a link?

  29. I have tried to track down that diaper through the links you’ve posted and am not having much luck. Do you have a product number or style name?? Thanks!! I LOVE IT !! Great Nursery!

  30. where is the little zebra stuffed animal from? I love that. the rest of the room is amazing too!

  31. Love this nursery, every detail! Anybody have ideas about colors I could swap out for the blue and green for a baby girl?

    • Yes – with the colonial gray color on the walls, use turquoise or teal and a pop of orange. It would be beautiful. Urban Outfitters has some wonderful choices of fabrics in white gray, teal.

    • @ali, Pink and orange would be adorable!

    • @Nicole Abbott, @Christie,
      Thanks for the suggestions! I saw some really cute teal wall appliques at Z Gallerie. And I had been thinking about pink/orange or pink/lemon yellow. I love how the bright colors pop off of the grey walls and white furniture and want to try to capture that.

      What do you think about keeping the lime green and white and bringing in a rich purple to replace the blue?

      This is fun!

  32. Hi – Oh I just love your paper lantern cluster. WOW!!! Where did you find the “vertically” striped lanters? I can find the ones that look like the white ones but the colored ones have a different type of “folds”. I dont find that type on the Paperlanterstore site.,

    Can you help? Thanks in advance

  33. I know this nursery is from awhile ago, but I wanted to ask how the paint color is? I’m trying to find a grey without a ton of blue undertone.

  34. I fell in love with this bookshelf when looking to make sure gray wasn’t too blah a color for a nursery. and then i fell n love with everything else in the room too! SO we are mimicking everything! my husband is finishing painting the trim tomorrow night!

  35. What size paper star lantern did you use? Love, love the lantern cluster!!!

  36. I was wondering how durable the paper lanterns have been for you and if they seem to be getting dusty. Is there any good way to clean them or wipe them down occasionally? Maybe just a dusting mitt or something. I am loving the paper lantern idea and also the book rack. I think we’ll be doing both for our room.

  37. where is the striped stuffed animal from? I love him!

  38. I have seen bad reviews about the quality of the Babyletto Modo dresser. What has been your experience with it? I’m due July 1 and this is my inspiration room! Thanks!

  39. meatpie says:

    Your bookshelf looks just like this one from PBkids. Are you sure they made it?

  40. I absolutely LOVE the paper lantern cluster! I ordered all my lamps (same one’s) from Amazon…and TRIED to hang them in a cluster….unsuccessfully….
    can you give me the “hanging paper lantern cluster for dummies” instructions on how you did this? I was messing with it for almost 3 hours last night…and quit in frustration:( I tried hanging them separately and together….
    and BOTH ways were landing me with the same problems…#1…clustering them together causes them to crush each other….and #2….they kept falling and slipping off the monofillament thread and the hooks themselves. I really would love to do this in the nursery…I just need some direction on how I can go about doing this without running into the same problem.
    Any suggestions or direction would help:)

  41. Just came across this blog.
    But just LOVE the room. Find out soon if we are having a boy or girl. If it is a boy, this room is definitely my inspiration.

  42. Love it! What size and how many paper lanterns are within your piece? I want to create a similar one but I’m not sure what various size lanterns to use. Was it difficult to hang the lanterns via fish line? Thanks so much!

  43. Love the nursery! We are struggling to find a chair, does the chair you got from ikea rock and comfortable?

  44. I saw this room and fell in LOVE. I am doing my best to achieve the same results with out copying it exactly. I did get the paint color Martha Stewart Flagstone though and when I painted a sample on the wall today it was a grey/brown color but in all the photos it looks more grey/blue. I know sometimes it’s hard to tell from pictures but what color does it look like in your room in person? Thank You!

  45. I love that paper lantern cluster. I think you’re right — definitely adds some “wow.” I’ve never seen anything like it. So cool. Well done!

  46. So many trendy ideas. Love the lantern clusters, great way to dress up a nursery!

  47. I would love to know what the fabric collection used for this nursery is. The swatches are adorable!

  48. I really love the Flagstone paint! Great choice and very modern. Love it!


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