Night Owl Baby Shower

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I’ve been in party planning mode for the past couple of weeks, since my little girl is turning four in less than a week, which means that I’ve been browsing the party galleries over at HWTM more than usual. I stumbled upon this last-minute baby shower, with an adorable night owl theme, that I think you guys will love!

Styled by Vanessa of Vanessa Grant Events, this party is filled with lots of beautiful details. Check out the pom pom cluster hanging above the dessert table. Wow!

Vanessa says, “I was asked to help put together a Sprinkle for an old friend. It was all very last minute but it all turned out fabulous at the end. The guest of honor’s sister suggested the theme Night Owl and left the rest to me. I immediately thought twinkling lights, stars moons and earthy neutral tones. Since we didn’t know the gender I decided on a more neutral color scheme of lavender, cream and dusty blue.

Party resources:

Dessert Table, Cake, Cupcakes & Star Chocolates by Vanessa Grant Events
Owl Cake Pops by The Sweet Tooth Bar
Cookies/Cupcake Toppers by Fun Favors

View more party photos and get all the party details here.


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