Monday Design Inspirations: 03/19/2012

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A new monthly baby photo idea, a knick knack upgrade, a party decor idea using washi tape, a personalized iPhone case DIY and a sandbox with a lid that turns into a small deck!

More monthly baby photo shoot ideas! I’m a sucker for a fun monthly baby photo idea (check out these featured favorites) — and I’m simply smitten with this idea from Mom*Tog. What a great idea to use balloons as photo props to represent how old baby is in each picture!

From drab to fab with just a can of spray paint! Give old, funky shaped, kitschy thrifted objects new life with a coat of paint in a vibrant color. This colorful assorted collection and DIY was spotted on Craft.

Party-perfect plastic cups! I first discovered the wonders of washi tape a few years back, but this fab party planning idea from my friend Helena of Craft & Creativity takes the use of washi tape to a whole new level. Helena used simple plastic cups and washi tape to create these unique dessert cups to celebrate her birthday (p.s. we featured Helena’s daughters’ rooms last year, check them out here and here). Happy Birthday, Helena!

No one will have a cuter iPhone case than you! Sure you could spend money on having some company make a custom iPhone case for you, or you can spend a lot less and make it yourself — and change it up as many times as you want! Check out this cool iPhone case customization DIY over at di doodlings.

A DIY sandbox with a lid! As a city dweller I don’t have the square footage to have my very own sandbox but if we ever move to the suburbs, I want this one. This clever sandbox design comes from Small Friendly — and it’s got a lid! Not only does the lid keep the sandbox clean and covered while not in use, it also serves as a small deck for mommy to sit and supervise the sandbox fun!


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Nicole is the founder/editor of and mom of a 6-year-old princess. She has a B.A. in Architecture and a passion for design—nursery design to be precise!


  1. The washi tape idea is brilliant!

  2. Thanks so much for reposting my iPhone DIY post! You have sent tons of traffic to my site! And Max–my nephew is famous! I’m not so sure as a teenager he will appreciate the picture–but hey….it’s art! :)

  3. Stephanie says:

    do you have directions for the sandbox? @ how much did you spend?

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