10 Easter Bunny Cookies and Other Baked Goodies

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You all know I love a good cookie post — so I couldn’t possibly let Easter slip by without sharing with you some of my favorite Easter Bunny cookie finds! While I’m not very talented in the kitchen, I can’t help but marvel at all the beautiful baked goodies I found for Easter. You can purchase some of these cookies online but most of them are tutorials or ideas for baking these “hoppin'” edible treats yourself.

Cute Easter Cookie Ideas

Easter Cookies, Cake Pops and Cupcakes

1. Peek-a-Boo Bunny Cookies ($42 for 12) | 2. Bunny Ear Cupcake Toppers | 3. Peeking Bunny Cookies | 4. Easter Cookies: Well-Dressed Bunny Set ($45 for 6) | 5. Easter Bunny Cake Pops | 6. Easter Bunny Macarons | 7. Egg House For Bunny Cookies | 8. Funny Bunny Cookies {on a stick} | 9. Easter Bunny Oreo Cookie Pops | 10. Easter Bunny Cookies


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  1. k those bunny cake pops are too cute. I want to try my hand at making them but I’m afraid of failing miserably :(

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