Ready for Takeoff! An Airplane Swing for Baby

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Buying a gift for an infant or toddler boy can be underwhelming. There are plenty of options when it comes to purchasing toys or clothing for girls (way too many!) but the market for little boys is lacking. So when we find a baby product for boys that we think is the bee’s knees, you better believe we’re going to tell you about it!

We stumbled across this little aircraft swing from Haba and let’s face it, it looks like a lot of fun! We’ve yet to meet a child who wouldn’t get a kick out of swinging through the room while mommy or daddy make propeller sounds.

The height of the aircraft swing is adjustable and the seat can be adapted to the child’s size with the adjustable straps allowing even very small flyers safe and comfortable rides. Recommended for 10 months and up.

Check out the Haba Aircraft Swing ($117) today!


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  1. the swing is sooo freaking cute!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I have the hardest time finding cute toys/clothes for baby J. Thanks for sharing this. Its super cute. If J was only a few months younger it would be perfect

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