Featured Nursery: Eclectic and Uncluttered

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I stumbled upon this Italian nursery, almost purely by chance, while doing some research for an unrelated post. It’s whimsical, eclectic and uncluttered. This nursery has lots of unexpected details — my personal favorites are the plush bearded lady and whale balance toy!

Scroll down and take a tour of Marco’s vintage eclectic nursery.

Child’s Name: Marco
Child’s Age: 2 months
Location: Italy

In mommy’s words…

This cozy mansard room used to be my studio. Now it’s Marco’s nursery since less than 2 months. It’s still a work in progress but we like it a lot: Marco already sleeps (very soundly) in his own room “alone” like a big kid! (Although mum and dad are just a couple of meters away with a baby monitor camera on all night…).
The room is a mix of vintage and upcycled pieces, with whimsical details and handmade touches.

The furniture:
The only piece of furniture we actually bought for the room is the cabinet. We were able to choose the color and the style of the finish and I think it will last for years, even when Marco is grown up. The leather armchair is very comfortable (and that’s important specially if you have to use it at 3 am!) and I love its worn out British style look.

The blue shabby chic bookcase is a vintage find. The old chest of white wicker drawers was lined in baby blue fabric by my mum. Finally, the crib is my favorite item and it’s truly special…

You cannot see the baby-changing table in the room because we had to move it to the bathroom — much easier for the time being.

On the walls:
The bunting garland is handmade by me and my mum. Quite proud of it… See that pretty deer head trophy? It was a present I gave to myself last year and I find it gorgeous. We bought the fairy tales inspired art (actually they’re framed postcards) at Hans Christian Andersen’s House Museum in Denmark few years ago. The folding wall lamp is from an antique market.

The details:
The Circus Strong Man and his girlfriend the Bearded Woman are handmade by the sweet and talented Laura Contemori, one of the very first presents I bought for my baby boy last summer in Tuscany.
They live with the amazing Whale balance toy, a gift from my brother, sea captain and sailing enthusiast.
The two classic carousels on the bookcase are carillons.
The globe on the cabinet, perfect for my little explorer, is from an antique market.
The stylish fishes hanging from the cabinet door are made of vintage linen.

What was your inspiration for the room?
I hope my beautiful baby boy will be curious of the world, brave and ready  to go on many wonderful land and sea adventures, hope he will believe in magic and fairy tales, hope he will have fun and hope he will always be stunned by the surprising beauty of life, hope he will feel what a special little person he is and how much we love him.

All this in the decor of a room? Well, of course I know there’s much more important ways to communicate this to my son than the nursery decor, but still this was the inspiration that led me to choose one-of-a-kind objects, vintage or handmade with love, with a story behind them, related to fairy tales, maritime adventures, circus…

Describe your decorating style.
Something really important for me is to have light-filled bright spaces to live in and I typically tend to choose white or neutral colors. Overall, I would define my decorating style as “eclectic.” Truth is I’m inspired by too many different styles! I love mid-century design but also shabby chic finds, I like neat simple lines but can’t resist to curiosities or small antique pieces, I try to be consistent in my decorating decisions but I’m always ready to incorporate items that are meaningful for us even if mismatched with all the rest…

Favorite items in the nursery.
I wouldn’t trade Marco’s crib with anything else. This crib used to be mine and then my brother’s. My mum has treasured it for decades until now and she has sewn a new scalloped cover just like I wanted it. It’s perfect.

Room Resources.
– Little cushion on the door knob reading ‘The Prince sleeps here': Fiorirà un Giardino
– The tiny soldier hanging from the cabinet keyhole: from one of my favorite shops in my town, Nesting.
– Deer head trophy: Miho Unexpected.
– Fabric bunting: handmade! See my new DIY tutorial on my blog here.
– Armchair: Maisons du Monde.
– The Circus Strong Man and his girlfriend the Bearded Lady: Etsy seller Contemori.
– The Whale balance toy: Authentic Models.

A big thanks to Suze for allowing use to share her baby boy’s nursery! You can view more images and get more details on Suze’s blog, Daily Suze. _____________________________________________________________________

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  1. Suze is the best. and this nursery is a mix between vintage, beautiful colours and funny characters!
    love this nuresery of Marco and him sweety mum Su!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring our nursery. Marco is very proud of this! :)

  3. Very soothing colors! Little Marco is lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful little objects.

  4. I like the swing with the person on it. Is this handcrafted?

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