A Little Man’s Pad: A Tiny & Bright Nursery

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This week’s featured baby room is a tiny and bright nursery for a baby boy — featuring yellow walls, cheeky wall prints and a few mustache details.


Designed by Kelle Howard-Dean of Habitat and Beyond Kids, this small nursery is only 9 ft. x 9.5 ft — but Kelle did a fantastic job of making the room feel a lot bigger than it really is.

Child’s Name: Finn
Location: Gold Coast, Australia

What was your inspiration for the room?
Finn’s parents had used blue and green in their son Jett’s room and so they wanted a different color palette. The room is only 9′ x 9.5′ so I wanted to maximize the space as much as possible! By creating a warm yellow feature strip down the centre of the wall it gives the illusion that the room is alot larger.

Describe your decorating style.
I love modern spaces with handmade wares, and anything a little bit cheeky or unexpected. But as a designer it’s up to me to give the client what they want, even if it’s not my usual style it’s always so much fun trying something new!


Favorite items in the room?
I love so many things about the room! I think its best feature is the feature wall — I don’t think the room would be the same without it. My favorite item would have to be our little moustached friend Bambak, and I couldn’t resist customising a pillow for Finn with a big moustache on it!

Any nursery decorating advice to share?
Create a moodboard with cut outs of the accessories, paint colours and furniture you plan to use in the room. It makes it so much easier to see what works and what doesn’t. Pinterest is another great tool to collate your ideas — pin spaces other than nurseries, clothes in different color palettes. Anything that inspires you. Once you’ve gathered some images you will start to see a pattern of what you like!


Room Resources.
Rocking Chair: Replica Child’s Eames Rocking Chair (Get it on Amazon.com)
Frames: Ikea
Bookshelves: Ikea
Dinosaurs: Professor Plums (Australia)
Curtains: Ikea
Purple Butterfly Print: Ikea
Mustache Cushion: Habitat and Beyond Kids
The following items were purchased on etsy.com.
Bambak: Bambaks
Spots Cushion cover: Kassapanola
Blanket: Jadescloset
Mobile: Madelainesargent
Elephant: Youhadmeatcrochet


Love this room? Check out the nursery Kelle designed for her son Xavier right here!


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  1. Lindsay says:

    I absolutely love this nursery. We want a yellow-gray neutral theme, and now we’ve found it! I love the shades of paint you used. Do you know what brand and colors these are?

  2. I love everything in it. May i ask where did you buy the pictures on the wall.

    Thanks a lot

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