Oh, Boy! This Couple Was Expecting a Girl

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Just two weeks before the arrival of their first child, Jason and Laura Oronzi found out that instead of a daughter, the stork would be bringing them a son. So after nine months of preparing for a girl and designing a space suitable for their little princess, this San Francisco couple had to scramble to transform the room into a nursery for a baby boy.

They enlisted the help of Jennifer Jones, of Niche Interiors in San Francisco, to help create a new space for baby. Jennifer kept the neutral dragonfly wallpaper, the wire chair and the crib from the original design, but there was a lot of pink in the room that needed to go. “We got rid of the pink and added pops of turquoise and orange and a graphic-print rug with a zig zag pattern to make it more manly.”

For more room details and a list of room resources so you can “get the look,” visit California Home+Design.

Photo by: R. Brad Knipstein Photography


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About Nicole @ Chic & Cheap Nursery

Nicole is the founder/editor of ChicCheapNursery.com and mom of a 6-year-old princess. She has a B.A. in Architecture and a passion for design—nursery design to be precise!


  1. Cindy Dueck says:

    This is one of the best rooms I’ve seen! I love everything about it! Thanks for sharing and I pinned it to my board :)

  2. I love it!! That is so crazy to think your having a girl and oops sorry! wow! such a great room!

  3. This happened to one of my friends and clients! Except… she didn’t find out until she was in the delivery room! He went home from the hospital in a HOT PINK car seat that mommy made herself and to a HOT PINK and black nursery! They had no name for him for like 3 days! LOL

    What’s really ridiculous is her sister, my BFF saw the same ultrasound tech when she was pregnant to find out the gender and was also told she was 95% certain it was a girl. She was super excited and as she was walking out of the appointment, mentioned what happened to her sister. The tech panicked and put my BFF back on the table to double check and then announced it was a BOY! What the heck? She said she was a 105% certain this time! My friend was so freaked out they went to one of those places you pay for the results to get it double checked because they didn’t trust her! I wouldn’t either!

  4. I love the pops of orange and turquoise!

  5. lol oh my gosh this is the kind of story I hear of too often! I love the refinished room though, it looks really beautiful

  6. Disappointing to see in this day and age that gender stereotyping starts even before a baby is born.

    • @SMcL, Couldn’t agree more. A boy (or man, for that matter) could live quite happily in a grey & pink room. Why are things traditionally associated with girls seen as being so offensive to boys?

  7. Pedestrienne says:

    Right there with you, SMcL.

  8. smudgepuss says:

    Ditto SMcL. It’s not even as if they’d gone down the pink princess route to start with either.

  9. Even more disappointing that they couldn’t manage to buy a new rug without expert advice.

  10. Even the RUG was changed? To a more MANLY one? I didn’t realize there was gender identification within the rug world now.

    SMcL – I concur!

  11. Excellent maniliness. With luck, baby should certainly be sprouting chest hairs before teething! More seriously: don’t decorate any baby’s nursery pink. Girls are drowning in it by school age, anyway.

  12. I love the after so much more than the before. Girl or boy the after is so much better.

  13. Rachael B. says:

    I had to comment because we were expecting Helena Grace and instead, out popped Ayden Clyde!!! Not only that, I quickly scrambled and bought the exact same bedding!

    Great minds think alike… :)

  14. I love the chair, somebody know where can I find it?

  15. I love it!! It’s a nice transformation!

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