Indoor Camp Out! Pretty Teepees For Kids

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Who doesn’t love a pretty teepee? We know we do! And toddlers do to. Indoor tents are whimsical and fun. You can set one up in your kiddo’s room, the play room or even your living room — so your little one can play close by, all the time.

We’ve featured several darling teepees before, and we thought it was about time we featured a few more.

Which one is your favorite?

1. unknown
2. unknown
3. Pikku Varpunen
4. Jen Loves Kev
Please help us give credit where credit is due. Send us a link if you know the original source on any of these images.


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Nicole is the founder/editor of and mom of a 4-year old princess. She has a B.A. in Architecture and a passion for design—nursery design to be precise!
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  1. Amanda B. says:
  2. I am early on in the process of sewing a play teepee for Knox. I might do a tutorial on it if it’s not too challenging. Just trying to figure out the easiest way to make it and how to make it so it can be easily folded away. This is my fave teepee image. Love the wrapped support poles.

  3. The last one is from Jenloveskev blog. She made it for her daughter Rowan.
    I follow we blog that’s why I knew right away.

  4. so so fun! I am definitely going to make a tent for baby J’s room when he’s a little bigger

  5. Love this especially how cozy the inside of the last one is. I’m gonna get right on that.

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