Photog Mama: 9 Newborn Picture Ideas

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A child is only a tiny newborn baby for a short period of time — as a mom, I can tell you that it flies by! So it’s important to capture those fleeting moments with some GREAT pictures. Take a cue from these professional newborn photos and snap away!

Heir to the throne! Snap a picture of your sleeping prince or princess with a lace crown place gently on baby’s head.

This heartwarming mug was featured on a Pinterest Monday post a few weeks back — and it sparked the idea for this post! If your fur baby and your “real” baby will grow up to be great friends. Capture that journey from the very beginning with a picture that’s worth more than a thousand words.

A clever idea. Use alphabet building blocks and spell out baby’s name!

Oh no they didn’t?! This newborn photo idea is both hilarious and too darn sweet. A painted curly mustache makes for one unforgettable baby picture.

Is your newborn a chunky little monkey? Capture those baby rolls for a lifetime with a closeup shot.

Baby’s little nest! You can recreate this cozy setting at home with a large basket, a cozy blanket and a strategically placed baby. This newborn photo is a product image for the etsy shop Banner Boutique — they make the cutest flower headbands!

This is a really cool idea! Wrap baby in a blanket and place it on top of an over-sized clock set to baby’s time of birth.

Capture baby in her natural environment. This newborn photo not only shows off mommy’s pride and joy, it all features a peak at baby’s nursery.

Put your hand in mine. I feel like I’m cheating a little bit by including this one, since it’s technically more of a family portrait. But the photograph is so sweet, I couldn’t leave it out. A photo of a tiny hand is beautiful. A photo of a tiny hand in mommy’s hand, placed in daddy’s hand — priceless!

* And remember, baby’s safety always comes first!

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{Help us give credit where credit is due! If you know who the source is, please send us an email}


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  1. Love the clock! Cute pictures:). We just did one with the blocks spelling out my Lil guy’s name with him sleeping on his tummy slightly out of focus right behind it.

  2. very cute! my newborn was so uncooperative for his session. He was up the whole time! and refused to stay curled. lol

  3. Love these – the alphabet blocks is a super cute idea! And the baby + dog is perfection!

  4. Gosh, these all are great! I don’t think I could pick a favorite : )

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