DIY Inspirations: 5 Play Kitchens For Tots

Pretend play is a big part of growing up — and understanding the world around them — for a toddler. And one of the most popular pretend play toys for tots are play kitchens — but a quick internet search will render prices far beyond what you would expect, can or want to pay for a play kitchen. Check out these 5 DIY play kitchens for toddlers and get inspired to build your little one an imagination station!

Sherry and John did a terrific job turning an old kitchen cabinet into a one-of-a-kind play kitchen for their little girl Clara — for only $74! Check out all of the DIY details on their blog, Young House Love.

Living and loving the retro life! These crafty parents transformed an old tv stand into the COOLEST retro play kitchen you’ve ever seen. And they did it all for about $30. Check out more DIY details at Narrating Life.

IKEA now offers a small play kitchen but before they added it to their line of products, this clever mama made this modern play kitchen for her little girl — and we like her design better than Ikea’s! Check out all the details of this one-of-a-kind Ikea play kitchen at Baby Andoo. It’s an Ikea hack for the books!

From trash to treasure in just a few simple steps! Two old nightstands were transformed into a toddler’s dream kitchen with a fresh coat of paint, some thrift store finds and lots of creativity. Check out all the DIY details at The Farmer’s Nest.

Girls aren’t the only ones that like to play in the kitchen! Check out this modern and masculine DIY play kitchen from Small & Friendly. It was a somewhat labor-intensive transformation but the end result is nicer than most real kitchens we’ve seen. It even has a tile back splash!


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Best of 2011: DIY Projects

We’re celebrating the past 12 months with our Best of 2011 content!

Scroll down and click any image to view more details of 2011’s Best DIY Projects For The Nursery featured on Chic & Cheap Nursery.

DIY: Crayon Monogram

DIY: Rug Painting Tutorial

DIY: Fabric Book Slings

DIY: Paper Punch Garland

DIY: Faux Birch Nightstand For kids

DIY: Large Wall Abacus

DIY: Little Lamb Pillows

DIY: Mini Bookshelves

Recycled Diaper Box Storage Bins

DIY: Felt Zebra Rug

DIY: Paper Lantern Upgrade

Butterfly Shadow Box


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Furniture Revamp: 3 DIY Dresser Upgrades to Inspire

Furniture shopping can be lots of fun — until you realize you can’t afford any of the things you want. I mean, $1000 for a dresser — are you kidding me?! That’s why I love DIY furniture revamps. You can make a fabulous piece of furniture on your own, for a fraction of the cost of a new item!

So put on your DIY warrior hats and check out these 3 DIY dresser upgrades from around the web that are sure to inspire a weekend project.

DIY Costume Closet
If mama’s little baby has grown into a big girl who loves to play dress up, we can’t even picture a better costume closet than this! Jennifer, of Rambling Renovators, and her husband transformed an old dresser into a one-of-a-kind costume closet with some paint, wrapping paper and a little imagination. Check out the DIY details on their blog.

Anthropologie Ordinal Dresser Knock Off
The ladies of The Real Housewives of Bucks County did an amazing job of transforming an old dresser into an Anthropologie Ordinal Dresser knock off. Sure, this project may not be for a DIY beginner — there’s a lot of sanding and wood cutting involved — but it certainly seems worth the hassle! Check out the DIY details on their blog.

DIY Union Jack Painted Dresser
This project almost made Sheridan French, of The Southern Eclectic,jump in front of a bus — taping a straight line for painting, on a dresser with lots of grooves like this one, can be a pain — but we think the end result looks fabulous. I love the color combination! Try your hand at a Union Jack design and paint your old dresser into a beautiful focal point for the nursery. Check out the DIY details on her blog.


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Creative Advent Calendar Finds

Turkey Day is almost here — and after that, the Christmas countdown is on! We love counting down the days to important dates or holidays here in my house, which is probably why I love the idea of advent calendars so much. Check out these 5 creative advent calendar finds and get inspired to make your own advent over the long Thanksgiving weekend!

  • Chevron Advent Calendar Kit ($16): I think by now you all know I have a borderline-obsessive love for all things chevron. Advent calendars are no exception! I love the modern look of this calendar — and it’s perfect for those that want to get into the holiday spirit without having their homes look like Santa’s workshop.
  • Printable Advent Calendar Tree Cones ($7): Decorate your tree — or your mantle! — with these printable advent calendar cones. The classic holiday patterns used for the paper cones will match perfectly with your traditional holiday decor — and give it a modern touch!
  • Christmas Advent Jar (DIY): I love this ideas for two reasons. Not only is it a unique twist on the traditional advent calendar — there’s no candy involved! Decorate matchboxes and place little notes inside of things you’ll do as a family until Christmas. Isn’t family what’s all about anyway?!
  • Baby Sock Advent Calendar (DIY): Put those old — or new — holiday socks to good use and string them up with clothes pins for a one-of-a-kind and super personalized advent calendar!
  • A Cone-iferous Advent (DIY): Give your family advent calendar tradition a modern — and crafty — makeover with this cone advent idea. Create a forest full of paper cones that hide tiny treasures! Make it a family project and have everyone join in and help make the cones.


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DIY: How to make a shadow box

One of a kind items always make for a more intimate space. And what better way to obtain a unique item for your baby’s nursery then to make one yourself?

This project requires zero crafting skills!

All you need is just a few materials.

Check out our Butterfly Shadow Box tutorial.


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DIY: Easy Paper Punch Garland

A garland tutorial for the sewing machine challenged, like me!

This DIY is so easy that words aren’t even needed to instruct you on have to make this colorful paper punch garland.

Don’t you just love an easy project?

What you’ll need:
thread, needle, paint color samples, paper punch {any shape will do}

source: grace and light

DIY: Mini Bookshelves | Do It Yourself

Last year I showed you this modern nursery designed by Trisha, of The Sweet Survival, in Colorado for her little baby boy, Sawyer. Now, Sawyer is a rambunctious toddler who loves books. Which means that, like most of us, Trisha had more books than she knew what to do with.

The solution? Some simple DIY mini bookshelves.

These bookshelves are simple and modern, make a great addition to the space and, they solve this family’s book storage problem.

Best of all? Since the shelves are installed relatively low, Sawyer can take out and put away his books all by himself. And that sense of independence {aka being a ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’} makes ANY toddler happy =)

Visit The Sweet Survival for more details on this project.

{The orange paint used on the bookshelves is Behr’s Pumpkin Patch}

*source: The Sweet Survival