Baby Boy Decorating Ideas: Sophisticated Gentleman Nursery

A sophisticated room for a little gentleman! This nursery board for a baby boy is elegant and will stand the test of time, with unique pieces that will grow up with baby or can be moved to any other room in your home. It’s got a Mid Century Modern vibe — and it’s great inspiration for a unique modern space for a new baby boy.

1. West Elm Short Drum Pendant Lamp – Natural Linen ($149)
2. West Elm Wallpaper Print Window Panel ($69-$84)
3. Petit Collage Unframed 8×10 City Prints on Wood – San Francisco, New York, London, Paris ($15 each)
4. Oversized Gold Sunburst Mirror from Target ($77)
5. Graco Lauren Classic Crib in Walnut ($169)
6. Etsy seller dwellbeing Mid Century Modern Wave Dresser ($320)
7. Anthropologie Maggie Club Chair ($2,698)
8. Nate BerkusMetallic Pouf ($120)
9. Anthropologie Flutter Pattern Rug (starting at $78)


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Featured Nursery: Eclectic Vintage Nursery

New mom Jen Hauer has followed Chic & Cheap Nursery for quiet some time and she finally got her chance to put together a nursery for her precious baby girl, Kynlee. She sent photographs of her eclectic vintage nursery and we are thrilled to feature it on the site.

Child’s Name: Kynlee Jamison Child’s Age: 6 Months Location: Cincinnati, OH What was your inspiration for the room? I think there are almost too many inspirational rooms and photos out there, so it was hard for me to decide which direction I wanted to go with her room. I am really inspired by rooms that are light and bright but still feel warm and inviting. I love organic, natural items that are fun and trendy as well as functional. And who doesn’t love a good DIY project to make it very personal? I tried to make it a reflection of us while just having fun with it! I have no design training or history whatsoever and just did my best to create something unique and special for our little one.

Describe your decorating style. Eclectic, vintage modern Favorite items in the room. Pallet Shelves, Re-purposed dresser, Rustic Aqua Side Table and all of the special items that were made by my husband and I or passed down from family.

Any advice for mamas-to-be decorating a nursery? Make a plan and a budget! Even if you end up ignoring both it’s a great way to start and be on the same page with your spouse or significant other (or even just yourself). Don’t stress or put unrealistic expectations on yourself—just do what you can when you can. Also, try to find something special from a family member to add in to the room — something that will be unique to your child’s nursery. It’s a fun way to involve the family and to fill the nursery with heritage, instead of just stuff. And have fun!

Scroll down for more images and room resource list.

Room Resources.

Paint: Gray Morning by Valspar
Craigslist score for $10! Re-painted white, added mustard knobs from Anthropologie
Chaise Lounge: IKEA EKTORP ($300)
Aqua Rustic Side Table: Hobby Lobby
Bird Print (above dresser):
Etsy shop Paperklip
Moose Print (above dresser):
Urban Outfitters
Antoinette Damask Curtains ($29) from Urban Outfitters
Wallpaper (behind crib):
Yellow Jacobean Floral from Allen & Roth (at Lowes)
Vintage Deer Hook: Urban Outfitters
From my mom (used to hang in our house when I was a child!)
Pallet Shelves: Handmade by the papa-to-be. He didn’t even use a tutorial! I showed him a picture as inspiration and he just made them how he wanted!
Mini-Rocker Chair: This was my husband’s from when he was a child.
Target — I would not have picked this crib, to be honest, if it weren’t for the fact that it was the only mini-crib that would fit in the opening in the room. However, I am happy with the quality.
Crib Skirt:
It’s actually a blanket from IKEA
My husband got it from an old building from the 1800’s. It contained lead paint so we had to scrape it and cover it multiple times with polyurethane to meet regulations. Thankfully it’s out of reach of baby so it’s not something I worry about her touching or chewing on!


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Featured Room: Modern Forest-Themed Nursery

It’s always fun to learn how a particular design gets started. Anything can inspire a decorating theme! This featured modern forest-themed nursery was inspired by a pillow mama-to-be found by chance at a local in Colorado. We love all the nature-themed details and how uncluttered — and modern — the room looks due to the furniture choices. Scroll down and check it out…

Child’s Name: River
Child’s Age: 3 Months
Location: Corpus Christi, TX

In mama’s own words…
What I love most about River’s room is all of the unique, hand-crafted items. There is nothing generic or store bought about his room. One of the first items we purchased for River’s room was the squirrel pillow. We got it at a really neat shop in Colorado called Wandering Daisy — from there the forest theme and color scheme continued.

At first, I couldn’t decide between birch tree decals or a decal with a tree and blowing leaves for the wall behind the crib. It was a tough decision but I’m so glad we went with the birch trees. The framed letterpress items hanging above the changing table are all quotes from “Where The Wild Things Are” which was my husband’s favorite book as a child.

The changing table is one of my favorite items in his room. We got the IKEA Expedit storage unit — with drawer inserts, sold separately — and bought legs (they’re in the kitchen department) to make it a little higher. I found cute knobs at Anthropologie for a more sophisticated look. The two shelves on either side are also from IKEA. I have loved having the extra shelf space while changing River. I usually have something in my hands —  like his blanket, pacifier, or a new outfit — and it has been great to have a space to temporarily set those items. Hanging on the left of the changing table is the diaper stacker I made using this pattern — and to the right is the washable diaper pale for the dirty diapers.

One of the challenges with his room were the amazing built-in book shelves. I was so thankful for the space but I didn’t want to fill all of the shelves with books. I filled the lower shelves with toys for easy accessibility when River is older. I sewed curtains in order to hide less visually appealing items, such as a breast pump, my husband’s medical books and our DVDs. I’m so glad I decided to do this because we really needed the storage space for those items but I didn’t want them to be visible in the baby’s room. I mean, most children don’t want to read out of a medical text book for their bedtime story!

Room Resources:

Decals: Birch Trees from Paris Decals on
Crib: Gulliver from Ikea
Crib Bumpers: Made by Me! Fabric from Hobby Lobby
Crib Sheet: Organic Bamboo from The Greener Good
Crib Mattress: Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress
Changing Table: Expedit Shelving Unit,  Expedit Drawer Inserts, Expedit Shelf Insert, Capita Legs 8″, Various Knobs from Anthropologie
Shelves: Lack Wall Shelf
Letter Press Items: Raw Letterpress on
Diaper Stacker: Made by me using this pattern
Diaper Wet Bag: Planet Wise Hanging Wet Bag
Rocker: Hejka Rocking Chair from Ikea
Pillows & Ceramic Whales/Fish: Wandering Daisy, Breckenridge, CO

* Big thanks to Kate Leverenz of Kate Leverenz Photography for sharing her son’s nursery with us!


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Furniture Revamp: 3 DIY Dresser Upgrades to Inspire

Furniture shopping can be lots of fun — until you realize you can’t afford any of the things you want. I mean, $1000 for a dresser — are you kidding me?! That’s why I love DIY furniture revamps. You can make a fabulous piece of furniture on your own, for a fraction of the cost of a new item!

So put on your DIY warrior hats and check out these 3 DIY dresser upgrades from around the web that are sure to inspire a weekend project.

DIY Costume Closet
If mama’s little baby has grown into a big girl who loves to play dress up, we can’t even picture a better costume closet than this! Jennifer, of Rambling Renovators, and her husband transformed an old dresser into a one-of-a-kind costume closet with some paint, wrapping paper and a little imagination. Check out the DIY details on their blog.

Anthropologie Ordinal Dresser Knock Off
The ladies of The Real Housewives of Bucks County did an amazing job of transforming an old dresser into an Anthropologie Ordinal Dresser knock off. Sure, this project may not be for a DIY beginner — there’s a lot of sanding and wood cutting involved — but it certainly seems worth the hassle! Check out the DIY details on their blog.

DIY Union Jack Painted Dresser
This project almost made Sheridan French, of The Southern Eclectic,jump in front of a bus — taping a straight line for painting, on a dresser with lots of grooves like this one, can be a pain — but we think the end result looks fabulous. I love the color combination! Try your hand at a Union Jack design and paint your old dresser into a beautiful focal point for the nursery. Check out the DIY details on her blog.


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Featured Room: Whimsy in Canada

After seeing this fabulous nursery with a heartwarming story behind it, another new mom sent us an email sharing her gorgeous nursery and the story of how it came to be. A year ago, this new mom suffered a stroke and a seizure while on vacation. That same day, she also found out she was pregnant with baby #2! Due to her health complications, her license was revoked and she was stranded in a new big house with her 2.5-year old son. Instead of letting that get her down, she decided to put her energy into designing her baby’s nursery — and she did an amazing job!

In mama’s words…
Our nursery is whimsical, yet rustic. My husband, who is very talented with anything “house”, and I, who love to craft and try new DIY projects, had fun creating the space together. He perfected the white wainscoting and painting while I made a quilt, flag banner, and paper pom poms. We gathered frames from thrift shops and garage sales and framed some old and new cards. Baby’s gender was unknown so we kept it fairly neutral until she arrived and we could add a few girlish pops.

Child’s Name: Lyla Presley
4 months
Location: St. Albert, Alberta

What was your inspiration for the room?
I love birds and a touch of earthiness so when we found this darling metal birdhouse at Anthropologie, we knew it was the perfect jump-off point. From there the room just evolved — with some great fabrics and fantastic clearance finds!

Describe your decorating style.
I’d say rustic modern and eclectic. We love different types of wood and pieces with texture in order to make a space cozy. Don’t put it past us to pack a piece of driftwood in our suitcase to take home from a vacation or throw a tree branch up on a wall.

Favorite items in the room.
The chandelier — because its so pretty and Lyla loves to stare at it!  Also the owl bookends… how can you not smile when you look at those?

Scroll down for a list of room resources…

Room resources:

Paint: Grey Horse – Benjamin Moore
Crib and change table: Caramia
I am a Child of God poster: Persimmon and Pink
Framed “Que Sera, Sera” Poster: Free printable from Making it Lovely
Wood shelf, side table, wicker basket, blue duck, throw on chair, yellow storage box: HomeSense  (Canada)
Ottoman: Real Canadian Superstore (Canada)
Chandelier: Park Lighting (Canada)
Owl Bookends: Chapters (Canada)
Quilt and Flag Banner: handmade
Frames: IKEA, second-hand stores, garage sales
Paper Pom Poms: DIY
Rug: Urban Outfitters
Birdhouse: Anthropologie
Birdhouse hanger and hair clips: gifts
Lamp: IKEA
Chair: IKEA
Throw Pillows: Anthropology and IKEA
Dress: Baby Gap


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Brooklyn’s Boutique Nursery: Featured Baby Room

These expectant parents wanted a combination of classic, sophisticated and fun without being too frilly or feminine. Their main goal was to create a space that would grow with their new baby, utilizing existing items or “lucky antique finds” that could be refinished or updated, and could inevitably be relocated to other rooms in the future. They chose a color scheme with calming and soothing tones. Check it out!

Child’s Name:Brooklyn Jordan
Child’s Age:
Due any day now!
Location: Hilliard, Ohio

What was your inspiration for the room?
We were inspired by the clean look of the French Provincial dressers – they brighten the room and add a delicate feel to the space.  We also love the antique look of the Jenny Lind-style crib.  With all the crib options out there, this one is very simple and dainty and can go with almost any style nursery (and can fit almost any budget!)   Although we loved the look of some of the larger, traditional, convertible cribs, we didn’t want a clunky piece that would weigh the room down.

Describe your decorating style:
My decorating style tends to be Vintage-Modern, overall.  For the nursery, however, there is definitely a wide variety of styles – contemporary rug and artwork, antique furniture pieces, and lighting that is a little more modern – but when you stick within a chosen color scheme, I think it can all blend together well.

Favorite Items:
I love the combination of the dresser with the mirror and green lamps. I think it all really pops off of the bead-board wall. I love that the furniture is very flexible and versatile – it can be used a changing table now, a dresser for a toddler, teenager, or adult, or even used in a hallway or dining room in the future.

I also am fairly fond of my rocker – it was a $25 Goodwill purchase for my first apartment. It is still in great shape, and the teal piping and buttons really give it character.

Any advice to share with other expectant moms planning a nursery?
Great looking, quality furniture doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg (like most nursery furniture sets do these days). I am a firm believer that with furniture – the older the better. They don’t make stuff like they used to. Why not find an old piece of furniture, give it an updated look with a little paint and new hardware, and save some money while you’re at it? Not to mention, if it gets scribbled on, scratched, or dinged by thrown toys – you already have the paint to cover it up! It’s a win-win!

Room Resources.

Crib: Jenny Lind-style crib ($170) from
Rug: TJ Maxx Homegoods
Rocking Chair: Goodwill
Dresser and Chest: Dixie dressers found on Craigslist – refinished by The French Canary
Glass Knobs: Bubble glass knobs in Mint from Anthropologie
Green Lamps: Midland Antique Mall (drum shades from Meier were added)
Mirror and Green Accent table: Garden Ridge
Bookshelf: Craigslist
Artwork: Most of the art was found in the framing department at Hobby Lobby half-off.  I found all the 5×7 flowers above the crib and the dog and cat prints all pre-matted to fit in 8×10 frames.  Hobby Lobby was also having a half-off sale of picture frames that week, so I got several of the white frames there, and the remaining silver frames from Walmart.
Ottomans: I found both the green and white ottoman, and the white foot stool at Marshalls and TJ Maxx Homegoods, respectively.  Both on clearance section because of a small scuff on one, and a missing floor glider on the other.  Nothing a little magic eraser won’t fix!
Bedding: (my one splurge!) Serena and Lily Natasha Collection
Mobile: I made this myself by using a couple metal rings, dowel rods and string from Hobby Lobby, and tying on Pomwheels from The Pomtree on Etsy

Decorative Knobs: Save vs Splurge

Add an upgrade! Deciding to revamp an old dresser or purchasing a simple and inexpensive dresser seems to be the trend among expectant mamas decorating a nursery on a budget — but that doesn’t mean that the end results we’ve seen don’t look like a million bucks!!!

Decorative knobs are the upgrade of choice for most — and they can turn an ordinary dresser into a fabulous one in the blink of an eye!

Save: Hobby Lobby carries a great selection of decorative knobs for an affordable price. All of the knobs shown here are just $3! {And yes! You can shop Hobby Lobby online!}

Splurge: I’ve been drooling for years over Anthropologie’s hardware, and their decorative knob collection is fabulous — but a bit pricey. The average price of a decorative knobs is $10.

* Big thanks to our Facebook fan Jill M. for the tip!