Baby’s First Valentine’s Day: 15 Photo Ideas for Baby

baby’s first valentine’s day: 15 photo ideas for baby
As any mom can tell you, once baby arrives your heart belongs to your little one. So let’s celebrate LOVE this Valentine’s Day by snapping photos of your new bundle of joy with these 15 creative Valentine’s Day photo ideas. These cute newborn photography ideas are not only limited to professional photographers. You too can create these fun pictures using balloons, props, backdrops and some creativity!Read More...

Photog Mama: 9 Newborn Picture Ideas

A child is only a tiny newborn baby for a short period of time — as a mom, I can tell you that it flies by! So it’s important to capture those fleeting moments with some GREAT pictures. Take a cue from these professional newborn photos and snap away!Read More...

10 Pictures to Take on Baby’s First Birthday

Baby’s first birthday is a cause for celebration — and a celebration there will be! Mama’s going all out with the party decorations and party favors, but one crucial item that mamas on a small budget, unfortunately, can’t afford is a professional photographer.

So grab your camera, take a cue from these 10 fun birthday photos and get ready to snap a “money shot” on your kiddo’s very first birthday.


Baby’s Here! 5 Unique Photo Birth Announcements

Having a baby is incredibly exciting! And new moms and dads are usually eager to share pictures of their new arrival with their loved ones. That’s why photo birth announcements are the most popular choice for new parents when it comes to announcing their newly delivered bundle of joy.

Check out these 5 drop-dead-gorgeous photo birth announcements and share the excitement of your baby’s arrival.


9 Baby + Toddler Christmas Photo Ideas to Inspire

To us, the holiday season is about hope, celebration and family. And if you’ve got a little at home, we bet you’re taking lots of pictures!

To give you a little inspiration for those candid shots at home or a pro family photo shoot, take a look at these nine baby and toddler Christmas photo ideas…

Pumpkin Patch Cuties

Fall and Halloween equal pumpkins and great photo ops for kiddos!

Get inspired to have an impromptu photo session with these adorable pictures of babies and pumpkins… Read More...

Monday Design Inspirations: 03/26/2012

Today’s roundup is filled with the coolest ideas for weekly pregnancy pictures, magnetic wallpaper, an affordable idea for displaying kiddie art, a bird nest for the entire family, and a handmade car wallet for boys on the go!

Miranda of One Little Minute had a wonderful idea to track her second pregnancy — Project Baby. Miranda made a 40-week tee (which she sells right here) and snapped pics of her growing bump every week, creating fun photo collages like the one you see here.

Holly Becker of Decor8 always has great finds to share. It is thanks to her that I learned about many favorites, like Spoonflower and Elissa Hudson. And now, Sian Zeng! Xiang ‘Sian’ Zeng is a fabulous designer with a new, fresh magnetic wallpaper collection. Sian’s designs are simply darling, with a hint of vintage.

An organized and functional art space for kiddos! If you’ve got a budding artist on your hands, then you know that the pencils, crayons, paper and projects are endless. This stylish solution from Style Cookie (a Dutch website) uses a painted pegboard, with looped wire and clothespins, to display children’s art. It’s an affordable and creative kid’s art display idea!

This is by far the coolest bed EVER! This giant bird’s nest bed by O*GE Creative Group was created as a prototype for new and inspiring socializing space, which resulted in this combination piece of furniture and playground. Available (on demand) in three dimensions, the larger version can accommodate 16 people!

And last but not least, check out this fun wheelie car wallet for the little boy on the go! (made by My Happy Hobbies)


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