Trend Spotting: Dark walls in the nursery

Lately, I’ve noticed nurseries with chic dark walls popping up in my Pinterest feed. While some moms and dads are using dark color to add warmth and drama to the entire room, others are using it to create a focal point with an accent wall.

Some (including me) think that dark walls in the nursery can be calming and stylish, but others feel that it may be too dark and depressing for a baby’s room. What do you think of this trend? Here are 10 Nurseries with Dark Walls to help you decide!


Rock Star Bookcase {Design Advice}

What’s the difference between a regular bookcase and a “rock star” bookcase?


Add color depth to your bookcases by jazzing up the back. This is also a great idea for any room in the house, not just the nursery or kid’s room! Especially for renters who want to add some color to a space but aren’t allowed to paint their walls.

Three ways to get a “rock star” look:

1. Paint
The cheapest and easiest way to achieve bookcase stardom is paint. All you have to do is paint the back! If your bookcase doesn’t have one, you can create the illusion of a back by painting the silhouette of the bookcase on the wall behind it.
Other ways to get creative with paint: use a stencil to create a decorative pattern or use chalkboard paint* so that you can label where things go.

2. Wallpaper or Scrapbook Paper
Be bold and dress up the back of your bookcase with wallpaper or scrapbook paper. Enough said =)

3. Fabric
If you don’t want to go through the tedious work of using a stencil and wallpaper just isn’t for you, fabric is the way to go. With such a vast selection of fabrics at your disposal, your only problem might be choosing one.

Until next time!

image sources:
1. Caitlin Wilson Design
2.  rainbow bookcase – unknown
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4. flickr

* Did you know that chalkboard paint is available in a variety of colors? You can also mix your perfect shade using this tutorial.


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Color Trend for 2011

Each year, the color experts at Pantone choose a color that will set trends for the new year.

2010 was all about turquoise. Calm. Serene.

But 2011’s color of the year is… Honeysuckle.

Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it. –

That’s right!

This year we move towards the vibrant, dynamic, brilliant and upbeat Honeysuckle Pink.

While I absolutely adore this color, I know most of you are not going to run off and paint the walls of the nursery in Honeysuckle.

I suggest adding a touch of fun to your decor by incorporating it in smaller items throughout the room like picture frames or a table lamp.

1. Light Years Lamp

2. Ornate Resin Picture Frame

3. Square Rice Paper Lantern

4. Elizabeth Double Roll Wallpaper in Pink/Silver

5. Koko Company Floormat Optic in Pink/Red

6. Boon Pink Flair Pedestal High Chair

7. New Arrivals Curtain Set

8. New Arrivals Crib Bedding Blommin Dahlia

* Budget-Friendly Tip: Update an existing piece of furniture by repainting knobs and drawer pulls in Honeysuckle.

Read Pantone‘s complete article on Honeysuckle here.

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