Inspired Ideas For a Stylish Life with Baby: 7/09/2012

Our new favorite website, the solution to slamming doors and a tidy art display idea for your kiddo’s paintings!

Mr.Printable is my new favorite website! It’s got loads of adorable free printables for kids—like this paper fan tutorial (with free template downloads). It’s an adorable summer craft to beat the heat!

Ever get tired of hearing that door slam? Just put the baby down and trying to sneak out of the room? Here is your solution— the Latchy Catchy Original Door Jammer ($8) allows you to open and close without making a sound. And it keeps little ones from shutting themselves in the room (I’ve been there and it is NOT fun!).

The pros at have a versatile slideshow of inspiring ways to decorate kids’ spaces. Check out this tidy arrangement for displaying your little artist’s work.


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They’re Egg-tastic! Best Easter Egg Ideas

The countdown to Easter is on! And I’ve spotted so many cool and creative Easter egg decorating ideas around the web that I knew I had to share some of my favorites. There’s something for everyone in this “egg-tastic” roundup, including no-dye Easter egg ideas — using yarn or chalkboard paint!

Scroll down to check out these 12 Easter egg decorating ideas and leave a comment tell us which one you like best!

Fabulous Easter Egg Ideas
1. diy – decoupage easter eggs | 2. neon dip-dyed eggs | 3.  silhouette easter eggs | 4. chalkboard paint easter eggs

Glitter Easter Egg IDeas

5. papier mache easter egg | 6. no-dye polka dot glitter easter eggs | 7. diy heart easter egg | 8. fabric-wrapped eggs

Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

9. yarn-wrapped easter eggs | 10. crepe paper bunny | 11. hand-painted easter ideas | 12. flower bouquet with eggs

So I kinda cheated with #10. It’s not an Easter egg idea but it was too cute and I wanted to sneak it in there somehow!


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DIY: Easy Paper Punch Garland

A garland tutorial for the sewing machine challenged, like me!

This DIY is so easy that words aren’t even needed to instruct you on have to make this colorful paper punch garland.

Don’t you just love an easy project?

What you’ll need:
thread, needle, paint color samples, paper punch {any shape will do}

source: grace and light

DIY: Modern and Affordable Potato Print Artwork

Artwork can be pricey. But you know that already.

You know who else knows that? Jordan of Oh Happy Day.

She’s spending a year with her husband and two sons in France, which means that spending a ton of money on art for their apartment is NOT an option. But Jordan is resourceful and creative, and she whipped up these contemporary {and fun!} pieces for her living room that I think could also work wonderfully in a modern nursery.

Visit Jordan’s blog, Oh Happy Day, for full project details.

image source: Oh Happy Day

DIY: Hand Print Canvas Keepsake

I love little hand prints.

This handprint canvas kit from Red Envelope would make a great shower gift or child’s gift, and make a great keepsake for any parent.

You could track your growing child’s hand size by creating a hand print canvas every year or get the entire family involved and create a “hand print family tree.”

It’s only available in the colors seen here but the concept is so simple that you could assemble your very own hand print canvas kit at home {with canvases painted to match your decor}.

Things you’ll need:

- Plain canvases {the kit includes 10 x 10 canvases}
– Paint for the canvases and hand prints {nontoxic, water-based paints are best}
– Small foam rollers {one for each color, to apply the paint to those tiny little hands}

DIY: How to Make a Crayon Monogram

How adorable is this crayon monogram? Perfect to gift to a special teacher but also a really fun idea for a nursery, child’s room or play room.

It’s a very simple DIY project.

Print your letter out on a scrap piece of paper.
Arrange crayons over letter.
Cut crayons individually to length using a sharp knife and cutting board.*
Glue crayon pieces together using a glue gun.
Then glue the crayon letter to a nice piece of stiff paper.

*diy tip: When you’re making the straight cuts it helps to roll the crayon under your knife to score it all the way around, then it just snaps in the center leaving a cleaner cut. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the slanted cuts.

Is this project something you’ll be trying? Leave a comment and let me know =)

image source – pinterest from Nesting Sticks
{Big thanks to Ashley from Nesting Sticks for sharing her DIY on pinterest and allowing me to share it here}


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DIY: Hanging Crayon Hearts

These are cute.

Really really cute!

A lovely craft to do with the kiddos for Valentine’s Day!

You probably already have everything you need in your home.

Of course there’s some ironing involved, and that’s where you come in.

Also makes a cute and simple DIY for a nursery!

You could make a mobile out of these or just hang them on the windows like shown in the image.

Complete details at