Kalia’s Delicate Nursery (Featured Real Room)

We’re excited to feature another vintage-inspired baby girl nursery this week! Laurel of A Bubbly Life has spent countless hours preparing the perfect nursery for her daughter Kaila and we’ve have lots of beautiful pictures of the room to share with you!


Featured Room: Kentucky Baby Blues

Do you have the baby blues? This new mama does! Priscilla is a Kentucky photographer and new mom, who loves a good bargain. She put together a nursery for her baby boy that’s serene and soothing — and super affordable! With thrift store finds, hand me downs and DIYs, this baby boy’s nursery is too sweet to miss. Check it out!

Child’s Name: Steffen
Child’s Age: 3 Months
Location: Lancaster, KY

What was your inspiration for the room?
Before we knew we were having a boy, I tossed a lot of ideas around. I knew I wanted to focus on the color and over all feel — and not stick to a specific theme! I wanted something that could grow through the years. As soon as we found out we were having a boy, I knew what direction I wanted to go. The only request my husband had was that I not make it girly — he wasn’t sold on  the tissue pom-poms. Inspiration came from this blog, as well as Pinterest and the other blogs I follow (I’m a little obsessed). Almost everything was either DIY, a gift from friends and family, repurposed from the local thrift store, or a special family hand-me-down. I knew I wanted to mix a lot of personal items, with a lot of vintage repurposed items, and a few new things here and there.

Describe your decorating style. I would say my style is eclectic and personal. I love mixing new with old. Nothing makes me happier than finding an old wooden crate or mason jar at the local thrift store. I love displaying personal items…pictures, letters, seashells from a recent vacation, hand-me-down furniture, artwork from friends and family (even the youngest ones), etc. I’m not crazy about things matching too much. I want to be able to add to it over time. A new throw pillow here, a new frame there. I love mixing colors and patterns, but also love the clean look of an all white room (or a classic baby blue and white room like Steffen’s). Being a photographer, photographs are, of course, my favorite item to decorate with.

What are your favorite items in the room?
What a hard question! I love the classic crib. I love the chair that came from my parents house (which I’ve wanted for years). I love the dressers that were my husband’s and his Dad’s before him. I love the white frame wall gallery that will be added to as time goes on and already showcases artwork from friends and family, as well as DIY items and a thrift store find. I love love all our maternity pictures (taken by the fabulous Stacey Woods Photography and a couple by my wonderful hubby). I love the chalkboard made by my best friend and added to a vintage frame (also found from the thrift store). I love the Blabla doll and the Sophie Giraffe and the cute little golden lion that were all gifts from friends. I love the cheap wooden crates (can you guess…from the local junk store) that I searched for just the perfect ones to use as book shelves. Can I say everything’s my favorite?

Any advice for mamas-to-be preparing their nursery? Don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money to have your dream nursery. If you’re like me, you’ve been dreaming of this for a long time and want it to be perfect. You can definitely do that with a very small budget. Think outside the box. Don’t be afraid of thrifting. Look at shower decorations as a possible room decoration (I was lucky that my best friend knew about most of the projects I wanted to do and did them for me as a shower decoration). Be sure to look online where there are tons of DIY project!

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Room Resources.
DaVinci Jenny Lind Crib from Walmart
Pique Nursery Bedding from Pottery Barn (the crib sheet is from Target)
White frames:
Mostly from Ikea, with a couple from Target, Michaels, and Home Goods
Chair, dressers, and chest:
All from family and our own rooms growing up
Globe, crates (used as bookshelves), frame for chalkboard, and W hankerchief (in white frame):
Thrift store finds
Panda doll:
Gift for friend, Blabla doll
Throw pillows:
Home Goods
Shorts in frame:
Custom made by A La Modish
Gift from friend
Handmade gift from friend
Navy blanket on chair:
from Baby Bundles in Lexington, KY
Baskets under crib:
Blanket covering chair cushion:
Tissue pom-poms:
Handmade by friend for shower


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Baby Bowden’s Chic and Cheap Nursery

Gray and girlie! But not too girlie. This featured nursery is a mix of modern style and vintage finds — a sweet and neutral room for a little baby girl. An eclectic space that is both timeless and unique was created by incorporating handmade, vintage and new items into this bold yet soothing room for baby.

Child’s Name: Still a secret!
Child’s Age:
Due 11/1/11
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

What was your inspiration for the room?

Though we knew we were having a girl, I wanted to keep the room on the neutral side, so it could grow with her, and potentially be used for future kiddos as well. The grey walls and grey and white striped ceiling were the foundation of the room. I’m addicted to grey and stripes — especially combined! — and I hope to pass that neutral love on to my daughter! I also knew I wanted to incorporate a chalkboard wall somehow, and loved the idea of floor to ceiling book shelves. For the major items in the room, I kept to a simple color palette: white, grey and black, but then brightened everything up with a mix of primary pops and touches of pastel. I consider it a compliment when people don’t know if it’s a room for a little boy or girl- Hopefully it’s an inspiring space, but enough of a blank slate that our daughter can put her own personal stamp on it someday!

Favorite Items:

It’s so hard to say because I love it all! The ceiling was definitely an undertaking—picture 3 people, 2 ladders, 1 chair, a laser level and several rolls of painters tape!—but I could not be more thrilled with the results. My husband thought I was crazy to want to paint stripes on the ceiling—he apparently doesn’t read design blogs as much as I do!—but even he agrees that it’s part of what makes the entire room “pop”.

I also love the accent wall. It’s chalkboard, with a layer of magnetic paint underneath. We painted a collection of empty frames we already owned, and affixed them to the wall with velcro (so we can remove them later, but there’s no danger of little hands knocking them off the wall). I love that we can change up the entire look of the wall with a little bit of colored chalk — and eventually our little girl can create her own revolving art gallery!

The show-stopper of the room though, might be the book shelves. My husband (with the help of my dad and step-dad!) built custom ledges to store all of Baby B’s books. I love how they showcase the covers like art and add a ton of color to the room. The mixture of new and antique books reinforces the collected feel of the room, and the shelves are flexible enough that they could be used to display other items in the future.

Advice for other soon-to-be mamas designing a nursery?

I would say two things: make it your own and don’t settle. Designing this room was a long process, full of lots of projects, and several failures, but I’m so thankful we put so much effort into making it match our dream vision. We had to try three rounds of fabric, two lamps, and multiple rugs before we found the “winners”— but I’d rather go through that hassle if it means ending up with something I love. The projects too, while not easy, were definitely worth it. The dresser took more refurbishing than we thought, the curtain boxes weren’t exactly as simple as I hoped, and the glider was an all day struggle before it finally came out right. But again, all our mis-steps taught us something, and lead to a one of a kind room that got better with every try. Sure, it would be easier to go to a big-box store and buy a ready made themed set of baby items….But where is the fun in that! I say experiment! Cobble together free things with must-haves, and if you can’t find something you want? Make it!

DIY Projects:

Book Shelves: custom made with lumber and trim from Lowe’s. You can buy similar items from West Elm, or even Ikea, but making you know a handy man (or woman), making your own isn’t that hard, and is much cheaper.
Chair: My husband turned it into a rocker/glider using an old recliner base from a craigslist chair. Honey & Fitz has a great tutorial on how you can make your own. 
Pelmet boxes (window cornice): Made following a tutorial from Pearl Street Interiors
Crib skirt: Made using a similar method as this one from Urban Grace Interiors
Mobile: Handmade using a photo hanger from Urban Outfitters.
Rug: Assembled 6 small rugs from Urban Outfitters with rug tape. So easy, and ended up costing the same as a regular room-sized rug.

We ended up making or modifying a majority of the items in the room, which not only kept us to a really tight budget, but also resulted in a customized room with a ton of personal touches.

Room Resources:

Paint: Walls -Behr, made to match Disney’s Mickey’s Shadow; Ceiling stripes- Behr, a crazy mix of a few failed attempts of light grey, mixed with plain white ceiling paint until I liked it; Chalkboard wall- magnetic paint undercoat, with chalkboard topcoat- both Rusto-oleum.
Dresser: Free! A curbside find, refinished and painted in Citrus Zest
Crib: DaVinci Jenny Lind 3 in 1 Convertible Crib in White
Chair: repurposed Ikea Ektorp Tullsta armchair
Ottoman: slip-covered thrift store find
Giraffe rocker: Craigslist
Pillows: All repurposed from various rooms. Stripe – Urban Outfitters, Floral - Target, Bird-  etsy
(don’t worry… for safety, they’ll be taken out of the crib when baby arrives!)
Globe pillow: handmade by me!
Quilt: handmade gift from a friend
Window treatments and crib skirt: handmade, fabric from Fabric.com. 1001 Peeps Illusion in Orange/White (no longer available but this one is similar)
Rug: Urban Outfitters
Art above books: vintage scarves in album frames
Mobile: handmade, using Urban Outfitters‘ photo hanger.
Throw blanket: Meijer
Frames on chalkboard wall: repurposed Ikea frames, embroidery hoops and vintage finds; all painted white for consistency.
Mirror: repurposed from West Elm
Metal “I” and “U” letters: Urban Outfitters

Source: Courtney Bowden of Bowdenisms


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Brooklyn’s Boutique Nursery: Featured Baby Room

These expectant parents wanted a combination of classic, sophisticated and fun without being too frilly or feminine. Their main goal was to create a space that would grow with their new baby, utilizing existing items or “lucky antique finds” that could be refinished or updated, and could inevitably be relocated to other rooms in the future. They chose a color scheme with calming and soothing tones. Check it out!

Child’s Name:Brooklyn Jordan
Child’s Age:
Due any day now!
Location: Hilliard, Ohio

What was your inspiration for the room?
We were inspired by the clean look of the French Provincial dressers – they brighten the room and add a delicate feel to the space.  We also love the antique look of the Jenny Lind-style crib.  With all the crib options out there, this one is very simple and dainty and can go with almost any style nursery (and can fit almost any budget!)   Although we loved the look of some of the larger, traditional, convertible cribs, we didn’t want a clunky piece that would weigh the room down.

Describe your decorating style:
My decorating style tends to be Vintage-Modern, overall.  For the nursery, however, there is definitely a wide variety of styles – contemporary rug and artwork, antique furniture pieces, and lighting that is a little more modern – but when you stick within a chosen color scheme, I think it can all blend together well.

Favorite Items:
I love the combination of the dresser with the mirror and green lamps. I think it all really pops off of the bead-board wall. I love that the furniture is very flexible and versatile – it can be used a changing table now, a dresser for a toddler, teenager, or adult, or even used in a hallway or dining room in the future.

I also am fairly fond of my rocker – it was a $25 Goodwill purchase for my first apartment. It is still in great shape, and the teal piping and buttons really give it character.

Any advice to share with other expectant moms planning a nursery?
Great looking, quality furniture doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg (like most nursery furniture sets do these days). I am a firm believer that with furniture – the older the better. They don’t make stuff like they used to. Why not find an old piece of furniture, give it an updated look with a little paint and new hardware, and save some money while you’re at it? Not to mention, if it gets scribbled on, scratched, or dinged by thrown toys – you already have the paint to cover it up! It’s a win-win!

Room Resources.

Crib: Jenny Lind-style crib ($170) from Amazon.com
Rug: TJ Maxx Homegoods
Rocking Chair: Goodwill
Dresser and Chest: Dixie dressers found on Craigslist – refinished by The French Canary
Glass Knobs: Bubble glass knobs in Mint from Anthropologie
Green Lamps: Midland Antique Mall (drum shades from Meier were added)
Mirror and Green Accent table: Garden Ridge
Bookshelf: Craigslist
Artwork: Most of the art was found in the framing department at Hobby Lobby half-off.  I found all the 5×7 flowers above the crib and the dog and cat prints all pre-matted to fit in 8×10 frames.  Hobby Lobby was also having a half-off sale of picture frames that week, so I got several of the white frames there, and the remaining silver frames from Walmart.
Ottomans: I found both the green and white ottoman, and the white foot stool at Marshalls and TJ Maxx Homegoods, respectively.  Both on clearance section because of a small scuff on one, and a missing floor glider on the other.  Nothing a little magic eraser won’t fix!
Bedding: (my one splurge!) Serena and Lily Natasha Collection
Mobile: I made this myself by using a couple metal rings, dowel rods and string from Hobby Lobby, and tying on Pomwheels from The Pomtree on Etsy