The Look for Less: A Playful and Neutral Nursery

Earlier today we showcased a twin boy nursery, with a bit of a safari theme, featuring a few splurge items. And because I just can’t help myself — and I know how much you all love a bargain! — I put together a nursery design board to give you some ideas on how to get the look for less.

I included some items from the original room design, like the pouf and bookcase, because I felt that they really were quality finds. I opted for an espresso crib vs the two-tone crib to save $100 — and saved big, while still adding custom art into the design, with some personalized prints from Etsy. Read More...

Spring Brights: Nursery Decorating Ideas

Neon colors seem to be everywhere I look these days. From fashion pieces, to home decor. So why wouldn’t we bring these fun colors into our little girls’ rooms?

You can go all out, or keep the neon’s at a minimum by just adding in a few accent pieces, like a pillow or a fun children’s chair. But I can’t help but love how this can all look together.

1. Little One’s Table and Chairs ($160)
2. Legare Frog Twin Bed ($280)
3. Stone Joya Rocker ($995) *Splurge Item!*
4. smila bagge bug light ($10)
5. girls’ large canvas buckets ($37)

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Mini Style: 5 Nursery Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Creating a nursery for baby is by far one of the funnest activities—top 3, at least!—to do while you’re expecting. But it can also be a bit disappointing, especially when you’re a hormonal mess, to realize that you might not be able to have everything you want. Your baby’s nursery is small you can’t even figure out how you’re supposed to fit a crib in that tiny room.

But it’s time to get excited again!

Because you CAN have a stylish nursery in the tiniest of spaces with these five design tips.

1- When choosing furniture for the nursery, think modern.

The sleek design of modern furniture will be the most helpful to you when designing a nursery in a small space. Fluted legs and arched sides, like those of a sleigh crib, take up much needed space—and you need every inch available! We love the Babyletto Mercer 3 in 1 Convertible Crib ($400, available in white, espresso and two tone) Babyletto Modo 3 Drawer Changer ($380) for their small dimensions.

2- Shelves, shelves, shelves!

Utilize every inch you can! Tight corners can sometimes seem like a waste of space, but you can maximize your surface space by using shelves to store and display stuffed animals, books and all of your necessities. These inexpensive floating shelves from House Pretty give this corner a modern touch, while allowing the mama-to-be to place the rocker facing the window!Read More...

Indigo-Inspired Nursery: Baby Decorating Ideas

With the weather turning beautiful and warm I am perpetually dreaming of the sea. This crisp, modern yet whimsical nursery reminds me so much of sailing and fresh summer air. Wouldn’t you agree?

Below are some ideas on how you can get a similar look.Read More...

Moroccan Vintage: Nursery Inspirations From Bluebird Kisses

When it comes to designing a nursery you’ll love, it’s best to draw inspiration from the things you love. I love to travel and I adore vintage treasures, for example. And there is no reason why these two elements cannot be combined to create the perfect nursery.

This whimsical nursery from One Claire Day is an inspired example of such a room. The colors, the style, it’s all so PERFECT in the very imperfect way that nothing in this room matches. The bright colors and geometric prints bring this beautiful space together and create a visually stimulating, yet calming retreat for parents and baby.

You don’t have to collect nursery pieces from your travels to bring this look home. Visit your local craigslist ads, shop the rug section at IKEA, and take a browse through Etsy to find whimsical pieces for your baby’s room. And if you’re feeling crafty, try refurbishing a few pre-existing household pieces to add an element of spice.

1. The Moroccan Pouf ($396) from The Cross Design
2. The Bird Cage ($134.71) from West Elm
3. The Persisk Hamadan Rug ($599) from IKEA Canada
4. The Cabinet Side Table ($165) from DrabtoFab Vintage on Etsy


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A Room For Three: A Nursery Design Board For Momma’s Gone City

Jessica of Momma’s Gone City is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met — so as soon as I found out she was expecting baby #3 I knew I had to whip up something special for her. Jessica lives with her husband, and her two toddlers (a girl and a boy) and now a brand new baby boy in a small apartment in New York City — and all three kiddos will be sharing a bedroom, so it’s safe to say that things are pretty cramped.

Kids have a lot of stuff. So the goal of this design is to keep things simple — and uncluttered!

I hope she likes it! Do you?

Before design this room, I spoke with Jessica and she told me that she had already purchased the Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed ($1,500) and the Oeuf Classic Crib ($940) — great choices! And her modern choice of furniture sent me on my way…

As a New York City dweller, I know all too well that small apartments in NY are much smaller than anywhere else — so I wanted to keep the space as simple as possible. Too many things on the walls of a small room can make it feel like it’s closing in on you. I selected three Vintage Modern Inspired 12″ Wooden Letters ($18 each) to place near the bed of each child — to personalize their space.

They’ll need some storage, as well as a changing area for baby — so I selected the inexpensive Ikea Expedit ($40). It’s cheap, modern and it’ll get the job done. A changing pad can be placed — and secured! — on the top, while bins containing diapering essentials and clothing changes (top two openings) and toys for the bigger kids (one for each) can be place on the bottom.

Chevron Zig Zag Curtains ($40 per panel) and a super retro-modern Artecnica Themis Mobile ($30) bring in some fun — with bold graphic patterns and lots of color. While a Baxton Studio Cradle Chair ($132) adds a modern place to sit, feed and bond. Add a soft rug, Ikea Flokati ($80), for everyone to enjoy some tummy time together!

1. Zig Zag Curtains ($40 per panel); 2. Artecnica Themis Mobile ($30); 3. Oeuf Classic Crib ($940); 4. Baxton Studio Cradle Chair ($132) 5. Vintage Modern Inspired 12″ Wooden Letters ($18 each) 6. Ikea Flokati ($80); 7. Ikea Expedit ($40); 8. Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed ($1,500).


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A Nursery That’s Out of This World {Real Nursery}

3…2…1… Blast off! This “space-y” nursery may be out-of-this-world but that wasn’t always the case. Aaron, work-at-home mama and homemaker extraordinaire, had the idea for a space-themed nursery from the very beginning. While the first incarnation of this room wasn’t too shabby, this budget makeover — mostly involving new wall paint and accessories — is one for the books!

We’re loving the monogram above the crib, the inexpensive hanging bookshelves, and the nursery wall gallery — it’s divine!

Visit Aaron’s blog, The Thrifty Abode, for more “space-y” nursery details.


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