Stripe Me! 5 Nurseries With Painted Stripes

Painting nursery walls in stripes has become a big trend. Not only do the stripes make a big impact — but they also save you loads of money on wall art! Wide stripes, mixed stripes and even ceiling stripes are all options for when it comes to painting your nursery or kids’ room.

Check out these five nurseries with painted wall stripes for some inspiration.Read More...

Nursery Decorating Ideas: Painted Ceilings

Should I choose 1 color or 2? Should I stick with neutrals or go bold? Which color should I put on which wall? What if I don’t like it once it’s painted? Should I paint the ceiling?

We’re all so afraid of paint and painting. It’s difficult for us to make a decision that we don’t second guess when it comes to paint. It just feels so… permanent! Luckily, it’s not and I want to encourage you to be daring with your paint choices and paint your nursery ceilings.

Nate Berkus recently recommended a viewer of The Nate Show to paint her bedroom ceilings a few shades lighter than the lightest color in the room to make it more inviting. Picking a light color for your ceilings can also make the room feel bigger.

If your room is painted in a light color you want to do what people in the ‘biz’ call ground the room. If the ceilings are white and the walls are painted in a light color, most of the time the room feels like it’s floating in space. Painting the ceiling is the solution to that problem. Consider a bold color for contrast and high impact.

Image sources, clockwise from top left: Young House Love, Liz Williams Interiors ( via Sundquist Homes ), unknown, Sharon Taylor Designs, Francois Dischinger/Domino (via Apartment Therapy) and unknown.


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