Guest Post: How the Right Color Scheme Can Help Your Baby’s Eyesight Develop

When it comes to choosing a color scheme  for the nursery, most of us mamas go by our own aesthetic. We decide to opt for a color combination that we think looks good —but there’s a lot more to it! Today’s guest post comes from Megan Tucker, a UK based children’s illustrator creating beautiful educational prints and learning resources from her home in South Wales {check out her etsy shop Kindy Garden}. She’s also a qualified teaching assistant and has spent the last few years working with children in classroom settings.

Your little bundle of joy is soon to arrive and you are busy planning the perfect nursery color scheme to bring baby home to — but before you chase after dreamy pastels and traditional delicate hues, consider bucking the trend and opting for something altogether more daring. Rainbow brights and black & white are more than just a statement —  they’re something your baby’s eyes will thank you for!

From day one your newborn can hear your voice, feel your touch, smell your scent, and taste anything you put in their mouth. However, a baby’s vision may be one of the least developed senses at birth. An adult retina can distinguish many different shades of light and color, but a newborn retina can only detect large contrasts between light and dark, or black and white. So while all those pretty pastels look gorgeous to us, to a young baby, the colors blur and it is difficult to tell one from another.

Research has shown that high contrast tones such as black and white, or bold rainbow colors against lighter shades register intensely on a baby’s retina and send the strongest visual signals to your baby’s brain. Stripes and basic shapes in these contrasting tones help baby’s eyes even more. Frequent exposure to these strong signals have a three-fold advantage; a much faster development rate of your baby’s brain growth, their sense of vision and of their nervous system too.

For black and white schemes, partner them with a soft yellow or any shade of pink to add femininity for a girl, or try accents of green or blue for boys. Your baby will still get the benefit of being visually stimulated without the nursery feeling stark.

For rainbow brights, team up with white or pale wood furniture to display them at their best and the great thing is this color scheme works brilliantly for both boys and girls. Because this scheme contains so many colors, you won’t struggle to find objects to tie your nursery together. The possibilities are endless! Head to Ikea for a great choice of bright accessories and storage furniture that won’t cost a fortune.

So why not dare to be different? Be bold with your nursery color scheme and watch your baby’s eyes light up!

{Design Board Details}

Black & White Nursery Design Board

For a list of resources, click here.

Rainbow Brights Nursery Design Board

1. Vitaminer Rand 4-piece crib bedding set, multicolor from Ikea ($13)
2. Skojig Pendant Lamp, blue from Ikea ($25)
Happy Rainbow Wall Decal for Baby from ($50)
Deluxe Pillow – Rainbow Unicorn, available in blue or pink from ($38)
5. Mammut 3-drawer chest. Pink/Red from Ikea. ($129)
6. Nursery inspiration and ideas from Jennyology
7. Sumersault Geo Brights 10 Piece Crib Set- Mulitcolor, available at Target. ($140)

Taste the Rainbow | Unique Rainbow Birthday Party

Remember the darling Little Man Mustache First Birthday Bash we featured a few weeks ago? Well, that little boy has a big sister and she just turned 4 and mommy Shana, of Belva June, put together this amazing Rainbow Birthday Party!

Party details are available on Shana’s blog, Belva June. And the party printables, also designed by Shana, are available here.

Need more eye candy to get your rainbow fix? Check out this rainbow party inspiration board or these handmade rainbow finds for baby.


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Rainbow Party Ideas + Inspiration {Pinterest Monday}

We’ve celebrated 3 birthdays in the last two months here in our household, so it’s safe to assume I’m still in party planning mode. And since I was already feeling some serious rainbow vibes, I figured, why not put together a rainbow party inspiration board? Check out my pinterest finds for a colorful rainbow party.

Sources: Balloons | Rainbow Cake | Rainbow Invitations | Rainbow Dots Cake | Rainbow Straws | Rainbow Jello | Rainbow Dessert Table


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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Handmade Etsy Finds for the Nursery

Kids see the world through rainbow colored glasses. It’s their innocence and happiness that fill our hearts with joy. My daughter is the rainbow in my life just as your baby will be the rainbow in yours. Celebrate your child’s sunny disposition with these handmade {affordable} rainbow finds!

1. Keep Looking Up There May Be A Rainbow Waiting For You Print from Elissa Hudson ($22)
2. Spectrum Quilted Wall Hanging from The HoneyPie Tree ($32)
3. Print-Your-Own Retro Rainbow Invitations from Cake Ink ($20)
4. Rainbow Unicorn Deluxe Pillow in Pink from mymimi ($36)
5. Rainbows Follow Me Wherever I Go – Handmade Wooden Pull Toy from Armadillo Dreams ($26)
6. Whimsy Rainbow Spiral Baby Mobile from The Whimsy Boutique ($40)
7. Upcycled Rainbow Plush Pillow from Riley Co. ($25)
8. Rainbow Flood II from JK Create ($70)

Looking for more rainbow finds? Check out my Somewhere Over the Rainbow treasury on Etsy.

And speaking of rainbows, Chic & Cheap Nursery was picked as #25 on Babble’s Top 50 Pregnancy Blogs! Thanks so much to all of you for reading, sharing and commenting on the blog. I truly hope that Chic & Cheap Nursery has given you inspiration to go out and design the nursery or kids’ room of your dreams!