Amelia’s Big Girl Room

This week’s featured room is a girly toddler room! Formerly a home office, this bright girl’s room is as pretty as can be.

Designed by mom Nicki Pasqualone of Cute and Company (a blog specializing in anything relating to interiors, weddings, events & personal style), Amelia’s big girl room is sure to inspire a decorating project.

Child’s Name: Amelia
Child’s Age: 3 years old
Location: Sebastian, Florida

Inspired Ideas for a Stylish Life with Baby {10/1/2012}

Soup can pencil holders, a friendly front door idea and a girl toddler room to swoon over!

Campbell's Soup Can Pencil Holders from Young House Love

John and Sherry from Young House Love are always providing us with plenty of inspiration —and eye-candy!— for all thing DIY related. We especially love their projects for their daughter Clara. We’re currently crushing on these Andy Warhol-inspired Campell’s Tomato Soup can pencil holders. And to keep little fingers safe, Sherry even took the precaution to make/insert a cork liner. Clever mama!

Hello Front Door Decal from Etsy

A friendly front door greeting! There’s nothing more welcoming then coming home and having the door great you. I desperately want a Hello Decal ($8) from Create it. Go!.

Pretty in Pink and Purple Toddler Girl Bedroom

We’re big fans of Adrinka King‘s design sense. She recently revealed another one of her fabulous design projects, a peaceful yet playful toddler girl room, and it’s spectacular. Her fabric choices are flawless and really make the room. More images and room details available at


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Mini Street Style {Big City Princess}

My daughter Sophia loves to pick out her outfits. She’s a fashionista! This city princess loves dresses, skirts, glitter shoes and anything pink or purple.

Check out these fun toddler girl outfits inspired by her urban — but very girly — style!

They’re stylish and affordable — and you can mix and match most of the items.

Get the look:


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Elephant Circus Extravaganza Birthday Party

I don’t know what it is about carnival-themed parties that gets me giddy with excitement. Maybe it’s the “whimsyness” (is that even a word?) of it all—or maybe it’s the elephants. It really doesn’t matter. The point is, I love them! And this Pink Elephant Circus-themed birthday did not disappoint!

From the elaborate birthday party invites to the adorable party decor—and did we mention the cake is to die for?—this birthday extravaganza is sure to inspire the party planner in you. So click through to check out all the party planning details and more images!Read More...

DIY Idea: Bookcase Dollhouse

When I was a little girl, I spent hours playing with my dollhouse. I loved it. I’m hoping my little girl will love them as well, so I’ve been thinking about getting her a dollhouse.

Old-fashioned dollhouses tend to be pretty pricey and require a lot of space (as an apartment dweller, my square footage is limited). Making one never even crossed my mind — I could never pull that off. Or so I thought!

Click through to check out these spectacular — and super simple! — DIY dollhouses made using a bookcase as the main structure, and wallpaper or decorative paper to decorate each room.Read More...

With Love From Sweden: Featured Toddler Room {Part 1}

Shabby chic in Sweden! It’s always fun — and inspiring — to see what other moms are doing design-wise with their nurseries and toddler rooms on the other side of the pond. This lovely shabby chic, cottage-y toddler room comes all the way from Sweden and was decorated by mom, Helena, of Craft & Creativity. And it’s GORGEOUS! Scroll down for more pictures and details — and come back tomorrow to see the room of Helena’s other darling little girl!

Child’s Name: Elin
Child’s Age: 4 (she’s 2 in the pictures)
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Elin’s room is the smallest in the house, but she’s been lucky enough to get the only room with a balcony (which she will be able to enjoy when she gets older). We put wooden planks on the floor and painted them white, as well as the ceiling and around the windows and the door. We chose a wallpaper from a Swedish importer, InTrade,and the other walls were painted in the same light shade of pink as the wallpaper.

Inspiration: Cath Kidston, Pip Studio, GreenGate. I also take a lot of inspiration from reading interior magazines and reading blogs.

Decorating style: I would say it’s a pretty romantic style, with white as a neutral base and adding a lot of happy colors and patterns to create a joyful place.

Room resources
The bed is from Ikea. The wardrobe is also from Ikea (Hemnes) and I put wallpaper (from Pip Studio) on it since it had a big hole in one of the doors (from our move). The bookcase I had in my room when I was a little girl. The armchair is also from Ikea with a cover from Bemz. I made a lot of the dolls myself also the pillow shaped like an “E” (for Elin).

Favorite items
The bookcase, since it’s been in the family a long time. I also love the wardrobe and how the wallpaper on it matches the wallpaper on the wall.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns, but for a calmer impression use a common theme. For example pastels, stripes, roses or polka dots.

Modern & Bright Toddler Girl’s Room {Nursery Upgrade}

Have you ever planned on renovating a room in your home, and every time you think you’re ready to get started you decide to go in a different direction?

That’s what’s been happening to me with my daughter’s room. Since she turned 2 {she’ll be three this July}, I’ve been planning to upgrade her room from nursery to toddler room but I just can’t seem to make up my mind! I’ve designed and redesigned the space about a million times {remember this design board?} and this is my latest plan.

And I REALLY like it!

1. We have hardwood floors and I want to add this ZigZag printed rug from Urban Outfitters.

2. Decorative pillows are a must in my book. All of these pillow covers are from etsy shop Pillow Throw Decor.

3. I’ll be making 3 or 4 of these book slings using this tutorial. They’ll be made using the same fabric as the curtains.

4. We’ll be upgrading the existing convertible crib by FINALLY converting it to a toddler bed and painting the sides.

5. I’m making new curtains for the room with this fabric from using this easy no-sew curtain tutorial.

6. Currently, we only have a dresser in the room. Extra storage for toys will be taken care of by the IKEA expedit {the one pictured is from this featured nursery}.

7. This side table on coasters {Lack from IKEA} will be placed next to the rocker. Perfect place for our nighttime essentials including bedtime books, boogie wipes and water.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!


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