DIY: How to Make a Decorative Silhouette Canvas

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I love it when bloggers get crafty and share their craft secrets with us!

Lola from The Lola Letters created these modern canine silhouette canvases for her son’s nursery — for under $50!

How did she do it?



16x 20 Canvases*

– Paint (for canvas background and silhouette)

Protective Glaze*

Photo paper or card stock* (to print your silhouette on)

Free Silhouette Clip Art


1. Paint your canvases with the paint color of your choice. Let dry.

2. Find the free silhouette clip art of your choice and print it out on photo paper or card stock.

3. Paint your silhouette in the color of your choice and let dry.

4. Glue your silhouette on to the canvas.

5. Spray your work with protective glaze.


Thanks Lola!

* I’ve provided links to for these products because if you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s just easier to buy stuff online then to make time to actually go to the store and pick these items up yourself. You can find all of these items at your local crafts store.


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