Yum! 5 Fun Macarons For Kids

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting the feeling that macarons are starting a craze. A macaron is a sweet meringue-based confectionery commonly filled with buttercream or jam — or chocolate ganache! Macarons make colorful party treats as well as delicious party favors.

We spotted these kid-friendly macarons that are too cute to miss.

These insanely adorable Easter Bunny Macarons and Piggy Macarons were made by Steph of Raspberri Cupcakes. They’re almost too cute to eat! Head on over to Steph’s blog for the recipes and decorating instructions.

The Hello Kitty French Macarons {found on Yummy Mummy} would be very well received at a Hello Kitty-themed birthday party. I’m saving this idea for my daughter’s fourth birthday. She’s a Hello Kitty freak!

The Bee Macarons and Very Hungry Caterpillar Macarons {found on Project Denneler} would make a very special treat at the dessert table of a baby shower or first birthday.


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Nicole is the founder/editor of ChicCheapNursery.com and mom of a 6-year-old princess. She has a B.A. in Architecture and a passion for design—nursery design to be precise!


  1. Macarons are my very favorite treat! The very hungry caterpillar one is TOO TOO cute too!

    PS: I am doing a baby themed give away on my blog and I’m not sure how to spread the word about it. Anybody have any ideas? I’m supposed to close it on Thursday, but because most of my readers are brides no one has entered. I’m giving away a book and a DVD. Maybe I should email you…

  2. OMG .. these are AMAZING!!! Hmm, again your posts is making my crave desserts :) I’m back to blogging (ooh, met our teachers from BYW this Sat and Sunday (Holly and Leslie) with their class in Manhattan … it was fun!), so I am glad I saved ur site so I can came back to it more often for these delicious inspirations that make me smile!

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