Barbershop Birthday Party

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We don’t know what it is about vintage party themes that we love so much but we find ourselves fascinated every time!


We’re featuring an old school barbershop birthday party (with plenty of mustaches) in a red, white and blue color scheme that could also work well as a baby shower theme too.




Styled by Dawn Menon of Bee*s Knees Parties, this barbershop birthday extravaganza looks like it was fun to plan and fun to attend. With themed baked goodies, one-of-a-kind decorations and one amazing cake, this birthday party is sure to inspire!


Get all the details about this unique birthday party theme at The Cake Blog.


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  1. Hi I was hoping someone reply to my message. I love everything I see and wanted to know how do I submit an order?

  2. The party table is fantastic! Love the original idea and I’m also always a sucker for vintage inspired.

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